The Beginning

Hello there all, This is my first time ever to try to make a blog so I am actually taking baby steppes at the moment. The ultimate plan is to begin to write a story that has 23 episodes. It is like tv series that unfolds slowly once a week as I am not going to pressure myself about a thing I enjoy and that is writing. Of course I love also drawing and my profession is actually related to everything creative.

Including the story, I am also going to write about the things I like and I will probably add random stuff or maybe even my thoughts. Heaven forbid… But like you see it is all in planning stage. So, I hope you will enjoy your stay and I hope you like what I have to give.

Here is the introduction:


Also, if you like to contact me in any way here is some links for you:



Youtube channel

Lots of love:

Lilah Kane

PS. I would like to start by offering you a link to an awesome video about Supernatural and Dean Winchester. The series is the main reason that made my creative juices flowing again outside work. And that’s not a bad thing.

Made by: Volta 1228

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