There is loads of characters in Supernatural the fans miss from different reasons. Some have already left the series in different ways and some too soon. All the characters in the series give their different spice to it and all of them I have liked. They fit Supernatural like a glove to the hand.

Here is an introduction to one that has not left yet and I hope he doesn’t. I have liked the actor before too when he was playing one of the lead roles in Dollhouse. Try the series if you can. You might like it. He has also been in many other series you might know.

And now some links:

IMDb page: IMDb Tahmoh Penikett

Supernatural Wikia’s page about Gadreel: Gadreel

and a video about Ezekiel/Zeke/Gadreel. (Spoilers to season 9):

Made by: Krysty Seayer

From Supernatural Wikia, these are the words that made me really like the character. Somebody needs a serious doze of redemption:

Gadreel, along with Lucifer, is arguably the most significant antagonist in the series as his letting Lucifer into the garden, he caused the corruption of man, Lucifer’s imprisonment in Hell, the departure of God, the creation of all demon kind including Lilith and the Apocolypse itself. All these events would also cause the various angel power struggles in seasons 6 to 8. Though most these actions were caused by Lucifer, Gadreel is responsible for letting it happen.”

So there you have it. As I have been fighting to fix the blog I might write more to the episode one if I have time.

– Lilah Kane


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