Supernatural Spin-off talk


My idea:

Title: Supernatural: The Untouchables


Eliot Ness was chosen to lead elite squad Untouchables. But in behind the curtains he and his team had another fight going. A fight that was not against normal people but monsters. And that lead him to meet the curious individual called Dean Winchester.

After the visit of Dean Winchester Ness had the battle with Capone and all sorts of crazy stuff at the same time. He meets Henry Winchester and Dylan Brown which leads him to fight against the Supernatural even after he has cleared Capone from his list. Ness also has Josie, Woman of Letters to help him to a cases of disguise while Henry stays in the bunker as researcher. Dylan Brown is a young man he cures when he was almost turning to a vampire and now Dylan helps him with street information. Also he has his friend Frank Basile, a shape shifter on his side because Basile owes Ness his life.

It is tough time in Chicago.


Eliot Ness, leader of the group and investigation. Legendary for being fearless and incorruptible. And from the side a hunter and horror for monsters.
Bill Gardner, Native American member of the squad, an expert at undercover work, former athlete, former soldier, and lawyer; he was the oldest member, at age 50.
Barney Cloonan, a muscular, Irish agent, known for his strength. 
Frank Basile, a former convict whom Ness reformed, but who was killed in action. Basile, who was Ness’s friend, sometime assistant, and driver, was often present at the brewery raids, even though technically he was not an agent.
Mike King, a deceptively ordinary looking analyst and tactician. Explosives expert.

Henry Winchester, Man of letters, Informant of Supernatural information
Dylan Brown, Street informant
Josie Sands is a young woman in training to become initiated the Men of Letters.

Special quest stars

Naomi, Only Ness knows she is an angel
Crowley, bumping into him time to time

All immortals are fair gain for this.

Possible companion on CW schedule: Originals

Hope you liked it.

I am having some trouble at my apartment so I don’t know if I can write forward the story. Bad mood is not good inspiration. But at least I made this. 

– Lilah

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