Supernatural, spin-off talk II

Supernatural: Dark paths


Winchesters hunt her because they think she is the enemy. In those three episodes she tries to find her brother’s body. Last episode ends to her fighting against Dean and Sam. She fights but doesn’t use lethal force that makes Sam think. She tries to make them kill her so she wouldn’t need to live alone in the world. But of course they see it different. Monster fighting the good fight or do they see her human side?

On those three episode of Supernatural. She meets the other cast of the new series.

Bethany Colt “Bee”: Uses dark clothes and long black jacket. Hair is on a tight braid all the time. Leader type and calm. Also passionate about her family. Loyal.
Shean Colt: Bethany’s older brother presumed dead.
Rower: A scoundrel, information gatherer
Benny: She finds him in Purgatory while she tried to find answers about her brother later in the series.
Rick Mathews: The cop that arrested her at the morgue. Bee gets him to help her and because of one insident he gets fired.
Jody Mills: Hunter, police officer. She knows about Bethany and Shean and their case when they were young. Helps Bethany out.
Alex Mills: Jody’s adopted daughter, hunter

As it belongs to the Supernatural world anyone even the brothers can quest star in it.

Decided to write the spin-off “fanfiction” as I can’t get it out of my head. So made own page to it.

More about it here: Supernatural: Dark paths

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