SPN: Dark paths – Episode 2, Something wicked this way comes! – Part 1


Here it is. Part one of episode 2! Also this is the song Bee is listening at the start.

Wild child by W.A.S.P

Part 1


I also updated the cast list while the ideas go over my head:

Bethany Colt “Bee”: Uses dark clothes and long black jacket. Hair is on a tight braid all the time. Leader type and calm. Also passionate about her family. Loyal. She has slender body, blond hair and deep grey eyes that are an eye catcher.
Shean Colt: Bethany’s older brother presumed dead.
Easton Rowland “Rower”: A scoundrel, information gatherer.
He has short hair and he is about the age of Bee’s brother. His eyes are blue that was not that common. He has also the muscles of a boxer and he wears almost the same clothes as Misty exept under the plaid shirt he has a t-shirt. Also on his neck are really deep claw marks/scars and he looks like an ex-military man or a bouncer.
Julian Hurley “Roundabout”: Hacker, computer nerd. Black, shoulder long hair, American native, Wears glasses. Left leg has been amputated so he does mostly computer work.
Madeline Hall “Misty”: Little teenage girl that is a pocket thief. Likes to wear blue jeans and her brown hair is mostly on a ponytail. Her eyes are greenish. She also has a top, plaid shirt and jean’s jacket on. Not the normal that a girl of her age would wear. She was more like a miniature hunter.

Rick Mathews: The cop that arrested her at the morgue. Bee gets him to help her and because of one incident he gets fired. The man looks about Dean’s age or maybe even little bit older. He is clean shaved Also he wears his shoulder holster on and long shirt. He looks more like an agent than a detective. He has light brown hair and strong features. He is also well shaped for police work and has deep brown eyes.

Hesediel: (Righteousness of God) is the archangel of freedom, benevolence and mercy. Uses two vessels. When Hesediel fall to earth she met two people while she was wandering alone. She cured both from their ilnesses which had brought Harding and Terrell together as friends and both offered to be used as a vessel. Their bloodlines also were a good match. Hesediel made them flawless from everything that the world had inflicted to them.
Evangeline Harding: One is a woman with green eyes and long red hair. She has now normal healthy and slender body. She is the calm and caring presence while Luke is the strong who guards. Her smile is soft and caring.
Luke Terrell: One is a man. He needed glasses before Hesediel cured him. They both were cured and healed from all scars and everything in their body was returned to the state like they were just born. He has shoulder long wavery hair and blue eyes. Also he wanted Hesediel leave his tattoos on his back which were memories from his past.

Sebastian Carlyle: Head vampire

Benny: She finds him in Purgatory while she tried to find answers about her brother later in the series.
Jody Mills: Hunter, police officer. She knows about Bethany and Shean and their case when they were young. Helps Bethany out.
Alex Mills: Jody’s adopted daughter, hunter, A4

Quest stars:

Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester

– Lilah

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