First SuperPithy – Cut to the Bone


Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

SuperPithy’s are short fan fiction scenes mostly a page long or shorter. The topics I get from other people and they are rolled with a dice which one I choose.

This is my first one and already I noticed that I need to keep it -shorter-. Oh well…

Soon I will have my vacation and on the agenda I have making maybe 2 videos and continue the Spin off.

Enjoy the story! This topic was given by:

Novemberschild: How about Sam and Dean talking about what happened at the end of the last episode, just the two of them talking in the Bunker. (s10e9)

Cut to the Bone

Other possibilities were:

1. Leah: An angel shrinks S&D down to the size of a grain of sand. Their new enemies are insects and shoe bottoms.

2. Novemberschild: Sam, Dean Cas and Claire, take a road trip to Jody’s so Claire can stay with Jody and Alex for a while until Claire turns 18.

3. Cheryl: “robots in space with tentacles. I can’t even”

4. Novemberschild: How about Crowley seeks the guys help to get rid of Rowena? He realizes she is up to no good and is a serious contender for the Queen of Hell role and he is not having it.

6. Leah: How about Sam finds an abandoned puppy and brings it to the bunker. Dean balks at first.

If you want to toss your own SHORT STORY idea in then leave a comment. Remember the limit page long or shorter.

– Lilah

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