SuperPithy – Smoke On The Water


SuperPithy – Smoke on the Water

SuperPithy’s are short fan fiction scenes mostly a page long or shorter. The topics I get from other people and they are rolled with a dice which one I choose.

Enjoy the story! This topic was given by:

5. David_Kane: “Going deeper underground.”

Smoke on the Water

Possibilities were:

1. Novemberchild: “Sam tries to bake a pie for Dean.”
2. Cheryl: “Robots in space with tentacles. I can’t even”
3. Leah: “Sam finds an abandoned puppy and brings it to the bunker. Dean balks at first.”
4. Novemberschild: “Sam, Dean Cas and Claire, take a road trip to Jody’s so Claire can stay with Jody and Alex for a while until Claire turns 18.”
5. David_Kane: “Going deeper underground.”
6. Novemberschild: “Crowley seeks the guys help to get rid of Rowena? He realizes she is up to no good and is a serious contender for the Queen of Hell role and he is not having it.”

If you want to toss your own SHORT STORY idea in then leave a comment. Remember the limit.

– Lilah

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