Memoirs of the Fallen


This is a story about a young woman. You might think she must be something special or that her story is full of glamour and excitement! But it is nothing but. Alexandra “Alex” West is an ordinary girl. From young age she wanted to do some good so she chose a profession to mirror that.

On the eve of her 25 birthday she was already a part of the baddest and fastest fire fighters of Chicago but her spot there didn’t come easy. Every day she needed to work twice as hard and show twice as much that she could handle the work. The guys teased her a lot but they also regarded her as a little sister that needed saving.

Every day she wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work, comes back from work and then she goes to bed. That is her life and you would think it is pretty boring isn’t it? Is this all there is? Or will something change her life forever?

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