Act 1

“Memoirs of the Fallen”

Episode one:

Omnia quae incipiunt finem habent.
Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Act 1

“The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”

– Eminem

The night turned into day and moon to sun when an alarm clock started to ring in the flat on the background. The city had slept and moved forward to another normal day and now the sun was shining from clear blue sky to the flat. Alex grunted and made some movements on the floor giving life signs after the faint and tumble of last night.

“Happy birthday Alex…” She said to herself.

Her head was pounding when she sat slowly up from the floor. She held her head with her hand and she could taste and feel the dry blood on her lips and skin. And her ears were ringing still.
She could do nothing else but stand up fast and run to the toilet to throw up. As she was leaning to the crown and resting her head and hands on the border some flashes from last night flowed to her mind.

She lifted her head and narrowed her eyes. Now she remembered the whole thing that happened last night. She was writing to her diary when something made her look outside. When her eyes turned she saw a meteor lighting the night sky and it blasted to what she recollects to be seven pieces. They split to land in different directions and locations and then the sound came, a loud screech that filled her head. It was so loud that she thought her head would explode and then she remembered nothing.

“I must have fainted after that…”

She said to herself before she stood up and she checked up her watch.

“Damn-it! I’m late!”

First thing she did was that she called to work and said she needed to have a check up by a doctor. She needed to make sure that it was safe to go to work so she called her personal doctor Halsey for emergency appointment. Then she made her usual breakfast, a yoghurt and some orange juice and a toast with butter. Alex ate them all almost at the same time because she was in such a hurry. Then it was Lady’s turn and she took her out running a shorter route this time. When she got back in she had a fast shower before heading out to the doctor with her bicycle.

She waited nervously at the waiting room to get in. As Halsey knew her condition he checked up on her and said that everything was fine. He sounded worried and asked her if she thought she was able to work. And Alex said yes as she didn’t want any questions about last night. She couldn’t even explain it herself.

Alex was more than worried but she felt fine now. In her head last night had turned already to be just a dream and maybe… it was. She left the practice and put her bicycle helmet on. She sat a little bit on the saddle staring forward and calming herself. Alex closed her eyes and she took a long and slow breath in and out before she headed to the streets of Chicago and there was classical music playing in her headphones the whole way.

She was used to drive fast with her bike and she did now too while the words of her and her doctor was spinning in her mind.

“You can fight it still. There is hope.” – Dr Adam Halsey
“I don’t want to live the rest of my life in a cage. It is better this way.”
“I can order you medication for the pain because you are not giving me anymore options
Alexandra.” – Adam Halsey
“Do it… This is the way I like it Adam. Thanks.”
“If you need anything, call.” – Adam Halsey
“I know. I will.”

Alex sighed in her mind. Everything she was thinking was so mixed up at the moment. What would she do? How could she tell anyone or would she because she didn’t know even herself how she was feeling and if she wanted everything to go like normal… Maybe she would not tell about it to anyone, not even one soul, so that she would prevent people to be sad until it is really the time.

She stopped her bike behind the fire department and there she sat again for a while. Slowly she opened the lock of her helmet and removed it. She narrowed her eyes as she checked the alley a bit. She thought she heard something. It was like whispers or was it talking? She caught none even though she heard the whispers again.

“Weird… maybe it is because of the ringing of my ears…”

Alex headed inside. Her team seemed to be out for the moment and that was a good thing. At least she avoided the worried questions and the questions she couldn’t answer. She headed up to the locker room and she put up her uniform. When that was done she closed the locker and she turned. Her eyes glanced to the locker room and the lockers of her team mates.
Her locker nameplate said Alexandra West. Under it was a tape of her nick name. “Little Sis”. That was what the team members called her. Her eyes followed the others, her squad leader Christopher “Chris” Shields. They called him Five-O. Then there was Stephen C. Cross “Magic Fingers, Stevie”, Daniel Fallon “Dust Devil, Dusty” and Ichiro Nara “Small Fist”. It still made her smile when she remembered Ichiro describe what his name meant in real and how he got to be the “First born”.

Alex turned her head. Her unit seemed to drive back by the noise she heard. So she picked up the doctor’s note and took it to their big boss. He was a strict man but he took good care of all of the teams. The day and night shift both. Last words from him were always the same.

“Godspeed West” – Fire chief Montgomery Swan
“Thanks boss.”

Alex closed the door behind her and headed downstairs. The boys were already playing cards and making noise as usual, also laughing. That made her smile too. When they saw her Chris waved her to them.

“Hey Little Sis. You alright?” – Chris
“Yeah, I’m fine. Any trouble while I was gone?”
“Just a false alarm. A kid playing with matches and rubbish.” – Ichiro

Alex made usual fist shake with Chris and high five with Stevie. She kept hidden her sad mood and how she was feeling at the moment otherwise as she sit on the card table. Some random laughs here and there while she listened to the macho talks of the guys. Her arms were folded protectively on her stomach and she was rocking her chair while waiting for the fire alarm.

Her mind was already drifting far away and into her thoughts until she again woke up as the same quiet whispers entered her mind. She dropped the chair to the floor and she stood up to look at the garage doorway. Still she saw nothing and the doorway got a slight vertigo effect. She sat back down quietly only to notice that Chris examined her with his eyes.

“I thought I heard something.”
Chris was not totally buying it but he decided to give her some slack.
“Alright… It’s good to have your heads up if something happens.”

Alex looked away because she could not face the stare she knew Chris was giving her.

End of Act 1

To be continued…


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