Act 3

“Memoirs of the Fallen”

Episode one:

Omnia quae incipiunt finem habent.
Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Act 3

Alex was out of it for most of the ride until they got her breathing stable again. The sounds were so loud in her ears and the hospital lights when she was run to the ER. She was so tired so she closed her eyes again. The doctor was worried about the smoke and the slight burns she had gotten. Smoke could make you drown even if you seem fine. Finally the sounds vanished when she fell asleep.

Rick and the group had driven immediately to the hospital and they were relieved when they heard that her condition was better. She was already treated and they followed her hospital bed to her room. Chris leaned to the window while all of them watched her from there. The doctor checked up on her and then walked back out closing the door.

“How is she doctor?” Chris asked.
“Are you her family?”
“She has no family except us.” Chris continued.
“I still can’t tell you privileged patient information.”

That is something Chris didn’t want to hear and when the doctor tried to just walk away he gripped his arm and stopped him on his tracks.

“Please, we need to know!”

The doctor eyed his hand and Chris removed it. Then he looked at him.

“She got some minor burns but she also breathed a lot of smoke. We will keep her under surveillance for that. She is in good shape considering…”

That what the doctor said made Chris narrow his eyes.

“Considering what?”

By this moment the unfortunate doctor guessed that her condition wasn’t known to them. He cleared his throat and picked up his pager. He dodged the group and walked forward.

“Excuse me. I am needed elsewhere.”
“What did you mean? Considering what?! Damn-it…”

Chris turned his head to look at Alex. Was there something more wrong with her?

“Guys, you better head home and rest. I’ll stay here and make a phone call.” Chris.
“Yes, boss.”
“She will be fine.” – Dusty

Dusty squeezed his shoulder and followed the others out of the hospital. Chris picked up his phone and walked further. He didn’t seem happy, more annoyed when he was making the call. He was tapping his foot impatiently until the call was answered.

“About time you picked up the phone…”
“Yeah, miss you too brother. Now what’s up?”
“Alex is in the hospital.”
“What? Why?” Wright’s voice changed on the phone and he seemed to care a lot about her.
“She was injured in a fire. Ceiling fell on her and…”
“Great… I am heading back anyways…”
“You are? And you didn’t think me or the folks should know about that?”
“Give it a rest Chris.”
“Fine, I called you because of her Canan, not because of you. Just get here.”
“I know you did. Laters.”

Canan hung up the phone when Chris was trying to give him a witty answer to that. Chris couldn’t forgive Canan that he left or more like ran away from them. He was his little brother even though Canan was adopted. But now when he talked to his brother it made him only frustrated and even angry. They were not in good terms and if Alex wasn’t there it would be even worse.


Alex was twisting and turning on the bed. Her mind was working and her eyes because of the flashes of what happened went on in her mind. The images were speeding up and she heard her name called louder and louder until finally when the flames were almost on her and her name was yelled. She gasped and sat up. The air pipe made her gag and she pulled it straight out of her lungs, which made her almost throw up. She was sweating and trembling. Only thing she could focus was the fiery eyes she saw in the end of her dream.

Nobody was watching her on that moment and she saw some clean clothes on the chair. She removed the IV in correct manner and pressed the needle mark shut. Then she grabbed the clothes and she run wobbled out of the room before anyone would come there. She was coughing and her body felt heavy, out of energy. When she vanished to the stairs Chris walked back from behind the corner. He made his way to the room, but when he noticed she wasn’t there he yelled to a nurse.

“Nurse, where is she?!”

Chris was furious when the nurse ran in. She checked the IV and oxygen pipe and then she ran out again.

“I don’t know. I need to check!”
“You don’t know?”
“Hold on!”

The nurse made some calls. She wasn’t in any of the treatments but one of the securities saw a woman by that description leave the hospital. She bumped into him while she was walking out and she seemed to be sick. When that was told to Chris he couldn’t believe it.

“Alex… what are you doing?” He muttered and ran after her.

At the meantime Alex had made her way towards the station. She was not heading home because she couldn’t get rest before she found out what that fire thing was. Luckily a person she knew from the hospital was leaving out of work so she got a lift. Of course she asked if she was alright because how she looked and coughed all the time. And Alex said what she has said a lot these few days. “I am fine…”

The driver told her to take care when she dropped her off in front of the station. Alex held on the car door a moment when she rose from it taking few breaths. Then she headed inside. The other team was watching the TV when she quietly snatched her phone from the table. Then she headed upstairs and to one of the offices. It was clear she wanted to use the computer and use the files.

She tapped in some passwords and searched the preliminary investigation about the fire from the inspector. She browsed through the files as the screen flashed and reflected on her face. Where the fire started, the accelerants, how the fire moved. The inspector seemed to be puzzled how the fire started.

“No accelerants… Starting point seemed to move and it didn’t begin on one point. How hot the fire was, was unnatural and it seemed to melt anything and everything from its path. – What the hell… This gives me no answers just more questions. Sigh…”

Alex leaned back and rocked on the chair. She rubbed her eyes and coughed a bit.

“I need more information… What was that thing? Self combustion? That is ridiculous. Come on

Chris had meanwhile driven to her home and fetched Lady as she wasn’t there. He drove all around to check the places he knew she might be but with no luck. Finally he headed back to the station to get his things. He was furious and worried when he slammed the door shut. Lady tilted its head and sniffled towards him from the open car window.

“Hold on girl… I’ll be right back.”

Chris headed up and the open door and the light from the computer caught his eyes. Alex had continued to search old reports. More knowledge about fire, how it works, different ways how it starts and any other unusual cases she could find. That also made her loose the track of time and she started to waver and her eyes begin to blur. Also her coughing had gone worse.

“ALEX! What the hell do you think you are doing?” Chris opened the door and Alex stood up.

She actually couldn’t get a word out of her mouth when Chris walked to her and gripped her shoulders.

“You should be in the hospital. You breathed too much smoke.”
“I needed to do something Chris. I had to.”
“Like what?!”

Alex was not used to Chris yelling at her like this. And the dizziness got worse when she stood up. She muttered some answer to Chris before tumbling down to his arms. Last what she could mutter was. “No hospital.”

“Alex… Alex?..”

Chris said and then lifted her up. He pondered a moment before he headed to fetch an oxygen tank and mask while carrying her in his arms. He could slip unnoticed back to his car and he put her sit on the front seat and buckled her up. It was a good thing that police didn’t pull him over. He drove her to his home and first he took Lady to the back yard and then he carried her inside. His children were sleeping and his wife didn’t seem pleased at all about the time and the company he brought in.

“What is this?” Lisa said and folded her arms.
“It’s Alex. She needs to stay here for today. She is ill.”
“Chris, you just can’t do this without as–”
“NOT now Lisa!”

Chris ended the discussion there because he wasn’t in any mood to fight. His wife didn’t like the tone and she walked away to the kitchen. He took her to the quest room and laid her on the bed. Alex was totally passed out. Chris put her under the covers and put the oxygen mask on her face. He turned on the tank and sat beside her. He soothed her front hair off her face.

“What are you doing Alex?..” Chris said and he stayed awake to monitor her the whole night.

“You are not getting off this easy.”

End of Act 3

To be continued…

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