Part 1

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood


Carmel, Indiana

Late at night a woman was walking down the quiet backdoor street and alleys. She held on to her black long jacket to held off the cold autumn night wind. Her glasses flashed on the lights of the streets and she seemed to be scared and edgy. She eyed around to the shadows and darkness like she would hear footsteps or whispers. Her feet speeded up and she turned fast from building corners to get where she was heading to. After a while she ran because she heard the footsteps for real now. She was being followed.

She continued to run and she even tripped on some garbage cans in her panicked state. Fast she did spin up and escaped forward until she directly slammed to a high fence that she didn’t expect to be there. The alley was a dead end. The woman turned and in front of her she saw ten gleaming eyes appear in the shadows as a group of five men walked out of the darkness.

Man one: Sweet girl, you shouldn’t run away like that. We hate to run after our prey.

Woman: Prey?

She said with fear in her voice. The men were walking closer and there were something animalistic with how they moved. The woman retreated so that her back was against the fence. She eyed the monsters breathing heavily and waiting for her rescue or some way to get out of this.

Man one: Please, I dare you to scream.

The leader said and it seemed like the victim was just going to do that. She fell silent and she crumbled down the closer the men got. When the men were close enough her demeanor suddenly changed to fully confident and she straightened up smiling with an almost cruel smile.

Woman: I have been searching for you boys quite some time.

Man one: You have?

All of them focused on their surroundings from the sudden change of her demeanor but before they could react to the danger looming over them that was present one of the men already got his head chopped off.

The woman was accompanied by a few years older man that had used the focus on her and he had used it to kill one of the vampires. They had used the “old damsel in distress trick”. He was already continuing to the next monster as the rest of the vampires divided their hunting group. Three went after the man and one went after the woman.

The man hunter could kill the second one and it seemed he was used to fighting, but the last two were over powering him as he was mere human. They shouldn’t have focused on the man alone because they didn’t see what happened behind them. The innocent woman that seemed helpless had overpowered the only vampire and she literally had ripped his head off with almost no effort at all. She was so focused and in her movement was strength and speed that a normal man hunter had. Also all emotions from her face had gone so her opponents couldn’t read her next move.

Unfortunately even she wasn’t fast enough. One of the vampires that were left could surprise the man from behind and he had taken a huge bite from his neck severing the neck artery. The woman actually let out a yell that was almost like a growl. That much hate was in her that moment. She grabbed the weapon the other hunter dropped down which was a brutal looking scythe from the ground and sliced the one that was in front of her into pieces. Blood spattered everywhere and on her face. The last one remaining decided to flee the scene and he was the leader and the one that bit the man.

Even if the woman had urge to pursue the vampire she didn’t. She dropped the small scythe and she picked up her phone. While she dialed 911 and held it between her shoulder and ear as she pressed his neck wound to try to stop the bleeding.

Man: 911, what is your emergency?

Woman: Hello! Yes, I need an ambulance. East 102nd street. Alley. A man is bleeding from his neck. Please hurry!

The man rested against her knees and he couldn’t talk. He was gasping for air and his lips were moving. He was trying to say something to the woman.

Woman: Shean… Hold still. I called for help. Don’t try to talk.

The woman eyed around. She had remained calm but she couldn’t do that anymore. She yelled for help and she didn’t even care what people would think about the bodies. The broken street light was flickering over her where she held the man in her arms.

Woman: Using me as bait? What were you thinking. You know I can take care of myself.
Shean was growing pale and his body was twitching. He picked with his last strength something from his pocket and put it in her hand. It was a key. He only could utter her name until he was gone. It sounded like a nickname of sort. “Bee”

The woman seemed to be in shock when she stood up and rested him gently on the wet and cold pavement. She could already hear the sirens and her survival instinct kicked in. She looked down to her big brothers corpse and then she snatched the scythe to her belt holder. One last look at her brother and then she ran away from the scene.

Winchester, Virginia

Sam: Dean, this is not my fault alright? I really thought there were clear signs of an angry spirit in that house. How should I know it was termites and gas leak?

Sam tried to plea to Dean but he was grumpy. He was expecting a nice hunt in a town that actually had their last name. It felt like a full circle for him. But no. It was nothing and they drove here for nothing. Dean grabbed his flask and tossed himself to lie on the hood. Sam sat on the hood too and glanced at his brother. He was happy Dean was back to himself – they were back like they were and out on the road. Even Cas was sometimes with them and the angel had also taken the bunker as home.

Sam: Nobody told you to light that lighter.

Dean: Sammy, really? Who forgot the batteries to the flashlight? We are lucky to have survived that blast.

Dean grinned and laughed. Sam looked miserable. He was glad they had that long talk. Finally things were clear and after that the brothers were unstoppable. Winchesters fighting side by side on same level is the worst thing the monsters could get up against. And as he was now himself again he for the first time felt – happy. Sam joined the laugh. He glanced over the park and sighed.

Sam: So what now? Head back home to see how Cas is doing?

Dean: I guess so. He might have found even a job for u —

Dean’s phone rang and he snatched it up. He looked at the caller.

Dean: Speak of the de —

Dean coughed and answered the phone.

Dean: What’s up Cas? You know you can sap here again. Why did you use the phone?

Cas sat beside the library table with a pile of old books and Dean’s laptop. He at least tried to make the laptop work but it was tough. Cas thought the computers must have been made by the devil because he couldn’t make sense of the bloody machine.

Cas: I have actually grown fond to use the phone Dean.

Dean: Is that so?

Cas: Yes, it prevents me to sap to you in uncomfortable circumstances.

Dean: I hear you Cas. You gave that woman a good scare.

Cas: That is not funny Dean. She called me a demon.

Dean laughed and grinned and focused back to the matter of hand.

Dean: Cas, did you have something for us?

Cas: Yes, the program Sam made bleeped and then picked up news from a local paper searching for abnormalities. I called because it is close by where you were traveling.

Dean: Really?

Cas: It says in the article that “Five men were slaughtered in Carmel, Indiana Tuesday night. The act was violent and an eye witness saw a woman flee the scene bloodied. The police have no leads except for a 911 call.”

Dean: Really, five men? What is she? Woman hulk?

Cas: I think the article would say if the woman had been green Dean.

Dean: Cas, it was not… “sigh”. Never mind. So, Carmel, Indiana, it is worth checking out. Thanks buddy.

Dean closed the phone and dropped down from the hood.

Sam: So Carmel?

Dean: Carmel.

Sam got behind the wheel and they drove all the way to Carmel. Dean listened louder than usually his music and he kept tapping the dashboard with his hands.

Sam: DEAN!

Dean: What?

Sam: Does it need to be that loud?

Dean: No, but now you can hear every little notes on the songs.

Sam: “mutter” Jerk…

Dean: Bitch, I heard that.

Dean laughed and he closed his eyes.

Carmel, Indiana

In an abandoned building Bethany was sitting on a dirty mattress and she was staring at the wall in front. I guess she hadn’t slept much as the dark circles were clearly seen around her eyes. She wasn’t crying only sitting still.


Bethany colt had hunted with her big brother as long as she remembered. They were both orphans but if someone ever tried to separate them they would always run off and choose one another. Bethany was different. In early years when she almost lost his brother by him drowning and as she got scared she first time shed her skin. It was such a shock to her body that she fell into a coma that lasted few weeks. Shean was horrified as he saw it but still he held her sister and tried to wake her. After that Shean searched information and he found out finally from an old book that she was a shape shifter, a half breed actually whose human body couldn’t handle the transformation because she was only half shape shifter.

Shean protected her ever since or should we say more her secret because with everything else Bee, really could take care of herself. Shean on the other hand was just human. They lived normal stranded life. Happily living like they wanted day after day until one day they found out what happens behind the curtains, behind the normal world.

A monster killed a young girl near the place where they were sleeping under a bridge. They were afraid so they stayed hidden and were too late when they finally ran to her help. On that moment they decided to find the monster, to give the dead girl some justice. After that they trained and took up a new life of monster fighting against many more and it gave their life purpose. They studied and learned everything they could from army, police and finally from other hunters.

Some of the smiles and happy memories flashed through her mind. She saw Shean telling her stories by the campfires. The times they practiced together weapon handling. The times Shean ruffled her hair even if that annoyed her then she would give anything that he would be there to do that again.


After a moment she sniffled when she came to from her thoughts and her thumb touched her nose. Bee stood up with a determined look on her face.

She picked up her back bag and fastened the scythe to her belt. Her clothes and everything made her look like a common drifter. Her hands shoved her things inside the bag and then she headed out. Running with a back bag looks always awkward but Bee made her walk and run look light. She needed to move on. To not to think what had happened. Her brother’s body deserved rest.

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