Part 2

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood

Carmel Police Department

Dean and Sam walked through the familiar stairs and hallways. During the years all of them had start to look just the same. They arrived at the counter and Dean flashed his normal flirting smile to the woman. Sam couldn’t help but to roll his eyes.

Dean: I’m agent Jackson and this is Agent Smith FBI.

Dean and Sam showed their badges to the secretary.

Sam: We are here to ask about the quintuple homicide that happened last evening.

The secretary eyed the two and she looked like she was bored of this work or anybody coming and asking her stupid questions or questions in general. And the brothers got also the cold shoulder from her.

Secretary: That is detective Mathews’ case. One moment.

Dean leaned with his elbow to the counter and eyed the place as Sam stood calmly with folded arms. Soon the detective in charge walked to them and they introduced themselves again. The man looked about Dean’s age or maybe even little bit older. He was clean shaved and his cuffs were hanging on his belt. Also he had his shoulder holster on and long shirt. He looked more like an agent than a detective.

Mathews: I’m detective Mathews. You wanted to know information about my case?

Sam: We have an interest in it and we would like to have your co-operation and get copies of the files about the ongoing investigation?

Mathews: May I ask why?

Dean: We need to compare it to few cold case files and see if the similarities are there.

Dean said it in normal FBI agent tone that left little to no imagination and that they would not answer anymore questions.

Mathews: Fine, alright… Anyway, last night we got a 911 call from a woman. Ambulance arrived at the scene but it was too late. One… male victim was… Well, it seemed that his head was ripped off from his shoulders.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another.

Mathews: The second and third male had their heads cut off. Also the fourth but it seems that the same blade was used to slice him to pieces before the lethal blow.

Now the brothers wrinkled their forehead. This sounded interesting.

Mathews: The fifth victim died to blood loss and it seemed his neck artery was bitten open… So, as I tell you this. I would be very interested to hear which kind of “similar” cases you are working on agents?

Mathews eyed both and Dean made his normal “damn” expression and he rubbed his neck. Sam looked at Dean and back at the detective.

Sam: As we said. “similar”.

Mathews: A-ha… Well, hold on for a moment and I will get you the photos and the file.

Mathews didn’t seem to be fully accepting their reason but he still went to retrieve the file for them.

Dean: So, what do you think it is; Vampires, werewolves, Hulk, the big foot?

Sam: Can’t say before we see the file and the bodies. It sounds pretty fishy.

St.Vincent Carmel Hospital

In the late afternoon Bethany headed up the stairs in the hospital. She used the stairway to remain mostly hidden and she kept the hood over her head to hide her face. She made her way to the locker room of the hospital and slipped in from the door when nobody was watching. Nobody was in and she grabbed clean doctor jacket and pants and some stuff that was needed at the morgue.

Bee attached the ID she had stolen yesterday and where she had changed her picture to the jacket pocket. She hid her bag up to the ceiling in the air duct and she tied her hair in a fast ponytail while holding the hair bobble in her mouth and then tying it around her hair. With a finishing touch she put glasses on. Bee checked outside from the door window and then she headed out. She acted normally when she picked up a case file and she headed towards the morgue.

Bethany bumped into a man that looked like a cop, but she just continued forward not even focusing on to the sorry the man gave her.

It was an easy job to walk into the morgue. None was in at the moment because Bee had made sure of that. Whole morgue crew had been suddenly called to drug tests because of an anonymous phone tip. So she had time to do what she was going to do. Bee walked fast to the computer and checked the case files and numbers of the corpses. The computer screen flashed on her eyeglasses while her eyes followed the text. It was easy to find her brother’s corpse and she printed the file. Bee grabbed the paper as she turned and then she headed to the door of the storage that held the corpse. She grabbed an empty stretcher bed ready to move the body away.

The morgue was cold as usual and Bee shivered. She breathed in and out and then she pulled the tray out but there was nobody on it. Amazement on her face turned to anger when she heard voices outside the door. She slammed the door closed just in time before two men entered the room.


Sam and Dean had arrived to the front of the hospital. Sam had checked the files and photos while they drove to it. Both got out of the car and they slammed the doors closed with the familiar squeaky sound.

Sam: I am telling you Dean. It seems like one of the victims at least died by a vampire. Other than that it was a massacre. So could one vampire kill all of them?

Dean: If they messed with a wrong girl then yes.

They talked while heading up to the front desk. Sam bumped on their way to a woman doctor that just continued forward like nothing had happened.

Sam: Sorry!

Dean turned and watched the woman’s figure while she was distancing from them. His eyes moved down to her behind.

Dean: Do you know Sammy what is better than a nurse?

Sam: No, what?

Dean: A doctor.

Sam: Dean, really?

Dean grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

Nurse: How can I help you two?

The mail nurse eyed them both. He had heard what they said and he grinned a bit.

Sam: I’m agent Smith and this is Agent Jackson FBI.

Both showed their badges to the nurse.

Nurse: Yes agents, what can I do for you?

Dean: We have come to check the five bodies that were delivered here yesterday.

Nurse: Ah, then head downstairs and to the morgue. Doctor Parker should be there to help you.

Sam: Thank you, we will.

Both nodded to the nurse and they headed downstairs to the cellar and to the morgue. Dean pushed the swinging door open and at the same moment Bee turned around and looked at them. She fixed her glasses on her nose and smiled even if in her mind she cursed a lot of words at that moment. Dean and Sam both recognized her as the doctor they saw earlier. Bee walked to them.

Bee: Yes?

Sam: I’m agent Smith and this is Agent Jackson FBI.

They flashed their badges again. Dean glanced at her name tag.

Bee: I am Doctor Julie Parker. What can I do for you?

Dean: We need to look at the bodies that arrived here yesterday, the five men that were killed?

Bee nodded and went to get the files. She handed them to Sam that smiled to her. Both boys stared at her clear grey eyes as there was something in them that made them do it. They looked almost weird.

Bee: Here, if that was all, can you help yourselves further? Before you arrived I had an urgent matter I needed to attend to?

Dean: Sure, right. We won’t keep you.

Bee: It was nice to meet you agents.

Dean/Sam: Same to you doctor.

Bethany smiled and headed out of the door. She didn’t find her brother’s body so she was in no mood for the Winchesters. Her smile left her lips immediately as she headed forward and she swung through the next double doors. At the same time a man walked past her examining the files in his hands and he stepped inside the morgue. His eyes rose from the papers and he looked at the brothers for a moment.

Dean and Sam had already gone through the bodies and noticed that one was missing too. They were surprised somebody came in so fast so they didn’t have time for deeper examination.

Mortician: What are you doing here?

Dean: We had permission from the mortician to be here.

Mortician: Permission? From who?

Dean glanced down to the guy’s nametag.

Sam: From Doctor Parker.

Mortician: I am Doctor James Parker!

Dean had already sprinted after the woman before the real Parker could finish his sentence and Sam dashed right after him.

Sam: Call to the security guards. Tell them to not let anyone out! The suspect is female, blond hair and grey eyes!

Sam yelled as both agents vanished behind the door. The Mortician ran to the intercom and called to the guards. Bee had already made a run for it but unfortunately she was stopped by an elder that had fallen down. She helped her sit and while she did that she glanced at the way she had come from. Dean and Sam run up and saw her through the swinging doors window and she also saw them.

Bee turned and sprinted again trough the corridors. She was really fast as she dodged and jumped over the obstacles. She was heading to the stairway while she had gotten few more on her tail, the security guards and few police officers that had been at the scene. Bee glanced behind her as she was almost scot free. She had gained some distance between her and the ones that were after her. But as she glanced behind her and tackled through the last doors she crashed into a man that was coming to her direction.

The guy fell down and Bee landed on top of him. The guards yelled from the far for him to stop her and the man took a hold on her by putting his arms around her. Bethany took none of it and she head butted the guy. She tried to break free and run but the man again caught her by the leg and she slammed down on the floor. That actually took the air out of Bee’s lungs but she recovered fast and kicked the man on his face. She got loose but the two officers that were after her had come already up from the stairway and the Winchesters and the guards from the other side while she was fighting. She was surrounded.

Dean and Sam stared at the woman. Bee eyed those that surrounded her one by one and she took a defensive position. She also was restless and looked like a caged animal. The police from the floor stood up and he rubbed his chin. The others had their gun drawn.

Dean: Nice work Mathews. I hope she wasn’t too much trouble for you?

Mathews: Very funny… Now, shall you come quietly miss or does this turn nasty? Lift your hands up and turn around! I will not ask again.

Bee grunted. She could fight and easily win and by that also escape. But then she also would be in more mess and wanted by the police. She glanced at the agents and if a look could kill the brothers would be dead.

Mathews: Now!

Bee: Alright, alright!

Bethany turned around while she lifted her hands up.

Mathews: Against the wall!

She continued to do as ordered. Mathews stepped to her while she rested her hands against the wall. He pushed her against the wall and frisked her for something concealed like weapons. Bee stayed quiet. She had no bad items in her possession because she left her gear in the room.

Mathews: Put your hands behind your back!

Mathews took his handcuffs and he snapped them around her wrists when Bee did as ordered.

Mathews: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?

Bethany: Yes.

The guards turned and left as the situation was cleared. The officers holstered their weapons and Mathews held Bee’s arm on a firm hold when he dragged her along. Bethany glanced at the agents when she was taken around them.

Dean: Sam, she doesn’t look strong enough to kill five people.

Sam: Only if she is human… I have a feeling, a hunch that all is not what it seems here.

Dean: Well, if looks could kill we would be dead Sammy.

Sam: Whatever it is we better head to the station and interrogate her before the police.

Dean: The situation is getting heated for sure.

The brothers head out by the same thought, At least the woman has made them pretty curious about what is going on.

Carmel Police Department

Mathews escorted Bee to take her fingerprints and the mug shot. She was awfully calm suddenly and she didn’t fight at all against Mathews. Then he pulled her with through the precinct to the interrogation room. Mathews opened the door and dropped Bee to sit to the chair to the opposite side of the table. He removed her cuffs.

Bee: Hey, what’s with the rough stuff? I think I like it.

Bee joked to see the detective’s reaction. Mathews glanced at the woman and he leaned to the table with his arms his hands holding on to the border.

Mathews: Do you know how much in trouble you are? You are a suspect of an ongoing investigation and you trying to escape didn’t help your situation.

Bee: First: I want my one phone call. Second: I want a lawyer and third: I am thirsty. Can I have something to drink?

Mathews narrowed his eyes. The woman had clearly some experience about being arrested.

Mathews: How about you give me your name or shall we wait for the fingerprints?

Bee: My – phone – call.

Bethany leaned forward and said slowly. Then she leaned back and folded her arms.

Mathews: Fine… One phone call and what do you want? A soda?

Bee nodded and she stood up. Mathews guided her out and asked an officer to guard her while she made the call. Bee picked up the phone and dialed a number. She leaned on the wall and as she was answered she turned so that what she said wasn’t heard.

Bee: It’s DTB. I’m taking a detour. The city has been cruel to me so I need comfort and a cleaned up place after this all. Don’t try to contact me I will do so later.

Bee hung up the phone. She was actually the only one talking during the whole call. The police guided her back in and cuffed her to the table.


Mathews got the soda and he went to check if they had gotten any results from the fingerprints or her mug shot. The results were negative. Dean and Sam had both arrived to the precinct and they were escorted to Mathews just when he expressed frustration about the unknown woman.

Mathews: Damn it!

Dean: We would like to interrogate the prisoner?

Mathews: Sure you do… She has called for a lawyer.

Sam: We need to. Has she given you any more information?

Mathews: No. She’s a piece of work alright…

Dean: We’ll head there then.

Mathews: Right… Here is the soda she asked.

Mathews handed it over and Sam took it. Sam slipped fast some holy water in the can. They walked to the interrogation room and opened the door. Bee glanced at them and leaned on to her chair. On this moment Bethany trusted no one. She had lost the only one she did and the agents had messed into her plan.

Bee: I have asked a lawyer already.

Dean lowered the soda on the table and he sat down. Sam picked up his gloves and the dna stick.

Sam: You mind if we take your dna?

Bee: Yes, I have rights so unfortunately I refuse agents…

Dean looked at Sam.

Sam: Any reason you won’t allow us to do that? Do you have something to hide?

Bee picked up the soda can and drank from it silently. She didn’t react to the holy water. She kept sipping from the can while her eyes wandered to the window. She stopped answering to their questions.

Dean: This is not getting us anywhere…

Dean rose and left the room. Sam followed him and they headed to the other side of the interrogation glass. Mathews were there listening in and he looked at them.

Mathews: Told you she’s not easy.

Dean: Did you check the surveillance cameras at the hospital?

Mathews: Yes, I have the tapes here.

Dean glanced at Sam.

Sam: We need to check it.

Mathews: Why? I checked it. There wasn’t anything suspicious about it.

Dean: Just humor us. I might have a hunch.

All three headed out and in the evidence room. They could watch the whole footage tapes from different cameras. All they needed was the timeline. Bee had avoided most of the cameras but on some they could see her. They also saw her going to the dressing room and her appearing dressed like a doctor later. Sam noticed also that she didn’t come out holding her bag that she had before. He hold silent about that fact.

They watched the footage further and they saw the part where Sam bumped on her. Her face turned a little bit and Dean leaned back and his eyes widened a bit.

Dean: Hold up. Rewind it back a little.

Mathews did and freeze framed it when Dean said “stop”.

Dean: Son of a bitch…

Mathews: Wait… What is it?

He had no idea what was wrong but Sam and Dean knew. They saw Bee’s eyes flash like shape shifters. They didn’t expect this from the footage.

Sam: Nothing! We just didn’t know she bumped into me there.

They watched the rest of the footage and saw that she checked the body container that was empty. The rest they knew. Immediately after watching they headed back to the interrogation room. All three were so focused to get back to the prisoner that they didn’t see what was happening around them. The precinct had some uninvited quests that worked like clockwork without leaving a trace like ghosts. The group followed their subtle hand marks.

First “ghost” was a young girl that walked and pick pocketed keys from Mathews that walked past her and also the police that got coffee and was the head of the evidence room. She passed a police officer and slipped the keys to his hand. The police officer walked forward his hat on his head and walked to sit lean on Mathews’ work desk. He was waiting for something. Both of these two kept their faces hidden.

Whatever would happen it would happen soon and so it did. Every terminal and computer started acting up like a virus was send to the network of the police department. Some cursing and amazement erupted when everybody tried to pull the plug of their computer and save it. When this happened the little girl went to snatch Bee’s fingerprint files and the mug shot file and hid it inside her jacket. She walked out immediately.

On the other hand the police officer searched the desk fast and took the case files with him. Then he headed to the evidence locker and picked up the cassettes and the bag of evidence and then he left also. Meanwhile Bee had been erased from all files on the computers. Even from those that were send forward and the one that did that also activated the fire alarm.
If it wasn’t chaos before it was now when everybody headed for the exit. Mathews entered the interrogation room and saw it empty and the handcuffs hanging from the table. Dean and Sam rushed in and then they heard the moaning of the police. Mathews kneeled to see if he was alright.

Dean: We got this!

Mathews nodded as the brothers rushed out of the room and that is when the alarm happened. Sam and Dean were already out of the door when Sam looked at the other direction and saw Bethany coming out of the room at the end of the hall. Of course she saw him too and she made a run for it.

Sam: Dean, stairs!


Immediately when Bethany heard their talk and that they were walking off she drank the rest of the soda and dropped the can on the floor. She used the chair leg to break the can up and then she picked it up. She twisted and turned it to get little pieces off of it and then she twirled them up to be stronger and used the pieces to picklock the handcuffs and get her hand free.

Bee rubbed her wrist and then she headed to the door and tried to open it carefully. It wasn’t locked but there was a guard outside. She bit her lower lip a bit to think what she would do next. “This would be tricky”… Bee closed the door quietly and moved to the right side her back against the wall.

Bee: Excuse me?.. Excuse me?! Is anyone out there? Can I have another soda please?

The police outside heard the yelling and walked to the door. He opened the door to see what the prisoner wanted. Bee on the other hand immediately when he opened the door she pulled him in to a neck lock to which he didn’t have time to react. Bee kept him put until he passed out. She dragged him to the other side of the door and then she slipped out of the room. She headed forward and when she saw the locker room she slipped in.

Immediately when she got in she removed her hospital jacket and pants. She eyed the door and then searched for a locker that had woman clothes in it. She stopped by to the locker that had name Faith Longoria on it. She opened it and checked inside. A wide smile spread over her lips. Bee opened her hair and combed it. She removed even her shirt and pulled the red top on her from the locker. Next she picked up the black jeans and pulled them on. They were slightly huge so the belt came in handy. The boots were slightly big too but the black leather jacket was just perfect.

Bee: I guess all you need is faith.

She said when she glanced at herself in the mirror. On that moment the alarm went off and Bee knew that was her queue. She dashed to the door and opened it slipping out and that is when she saw the agents. She immediately made a run for it.

Sam: Dean, stairs!

Dean halted and ran after Sam that had already sprinted to that other direction. Bee slammed herself through the stairway door and she almost headed down. It was blocked though by the many people that were heading out because of the alarm so Bee chose to head up instead. She ran to the second floor and Dean and Sam were right behind her. Sam also noticed that she went up and not down.

Mathews had also yelled the alarm after he had made sure the police was alright and he ran after the agents. Bee ran all the way to the end of the corridor where a huge window was. She turned and already the boys were at the door closing in the other end of the hall. She glanced around fast and made a quick decision to what to do.

Nearby was a fire hose and she ran to it braking the glass with her elbow. Bee moved it around her waist and shoulder and then she took some speed by running and tossed the nearby chair through the window. The throw was so strong that the window broke immediately and she jumped right after out of the window diving head first. She turned around in the air and slid the rest of the way to the ground. Bee dropped herself and she landed on the grass like a cat. She glanced up to look at Sam and Dean and even Mathews that had rushed to see her escape and even shot few rounds at her when she sprinted away.

Dean: Who the hell is she?

Sam: We know at least what she is.

Mathews: Damn it!

Mathews lowered his gun while they all watched Bee running away and vanishing in the distance.

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  1. leah says:

    Hi Lilah, I am very much enjoying your story. I think Bee is a fascinating character. I am more interested in her right now than the brothers. That is saying something. Looking forward to the next installment. 🙂

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