Part 3

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood

Bee held her shoulder. It seemed so that Mathews didn’t miss her entirely with the gun shots. She saw the agents’ car when she was arrested and she had no trouble seeing it now in the parking lot. She wasted no time to get to the Impala while the brothers and Mathews had left the window. She picked up a pavement stone and tossed it trough the passenger window. Bee opened the glove compartment and searched it. She found John’s journal and checked the letters on inside the front cover that were H. W.

She blinked her eyes for a moment. Did she recognize the letters and knew who they belonged to? It was clearly a hunters’ journal. She eyed around the car and run her fingers on the letters D. W. and S. W. that she saw carved on the front board.

Bethany: It can’t be… This is just great… The Winchesters… Well, they better get out of my way.

Bee put the journal back and flipped the trunk open. She found her files there and she hid them under the jacket. She eyed the artillery and picked up Ruby’s knife. She read the writing on it and grinned. Then she looked towards the hospital entrance and she saw Sam and Dean just appear from the doors. She took the knife with her as she dived to cover and rested her back against the car. Then she crawled ahead and slashed the tires before she slammed the trunk shut and sneaked and ran between the cars away from the Impala.

Dean and Sam were running to their car because they hoped they could drive after and find the shapeshifter. Dean’s run turned to jogging and then walking when he saw the broken car window.

Dean: Come on! What is it with monsters to trash another man’s wheels!

Dean checked the window and saw the slashed tires.

Dean: Really?! She needed to go all Charles Manson on my Baby?

Sam: Dean, calm down.

Dean: Don’t tell me to calm down!

Sam said and popped up the trunk. He went to check it and his voice turned soon as upset.

Sam: Dammit! She took the files!.. And…

Sam slammed the trunk close so hard that whole car shook.

Sam: She stole Ruby’s knife.

Dean: She did what? Son of a bitch!

Dean cursed again and he leaned on the hood with slumped shoulders and eyes closed.

Dean: That’s it. That girl is so toast when I get my hands on her. Ruby’s knife?! Just great.

Sam walked to Dean and he looked around. Dean leaned up and glanced at him.

Sam: So, what now?

Dean: We have no leads. She probably is million miles away already.

Sam: What about Cas?

Dean: Right… Cas. Maybe he can find her. Cas, you able to come or is heaven keeping you busy?

A familiar flutter was heard as Cas appeared beside the Impala. He looked at the car and then Dean and then back at the car.

Cas: Well, that is unfortunate…

Dean: You think? Cas, we lost a shapeshifter. Can you use your magic and find her for us? She couldn’t have gotten far.

Cas fluttered away without giving a word and in a moment he was back. He looked like a lost puppy.

Cas: Nothing, I found nothing.

Dean: How is that possible? She couldn’t have vanished in thin air?

Cas: Are you sure it was a shapeshifter?

Sam: Yes.

Cas: Then the only reason can be that the woman has somehow warded herself against angels.

Sam: Don’t think so Cas. That is not well known fact yet with many… It must be something else.

Cas: Keep me informed. I need to check back to Hannah. There is some trouble among the angels. Sorry about the car Dean.

Cas fluttered away fast and Dean grunted.

Dean: Like always… Now, what’s the plan B?

Sam grunted but then his eyes lighted up as he finally remembered what he saw on the security camera.

Sam: The bag!

Dean glanced at his brother like he had gone insane.

Dean: Huh?

Sam: In the hospital. When she entered to the locker room she had her bag with her and when she got out she didn’t. It’s a long shot but maybe she will go get the bag? Or it’s still there to give us clues.

Dean: Why didn’t you mention about it earlier? Come on. Let’s go!

It was only a moment but Dean had already forgotten that the Impala wasn’t going anywhere and he slammed the door shut while he had already opened it.

Sam: Let’s take care of the car later. We need to move!

Dean and Sam searched for a car to use on the parking lot but it was in vain. After a few minutes they rethink what to do but the answer actually dropped to their lap. Dean saw a police car and he whistled sharply to one of the police officers and they ran to him. They flicked their badges fast.

Dean: Hey, can you give us a lift to the hospital. It’s an emergency.

Officer: Sure, hop in.

St.Vincent Carmel Hospital

Bethany kept on running towards the hospital. She held her wounded shoulder and even if she was faster to heal than normal human she couldn’t take care of the bullet wound and shedding her skin was not on option. A) Because she didn’t like it. B) Being in a coma for three days because one measly wound would not be worth the effort.
The loss of blood and all the time watching over her shoulder made Bee bump into people. Few even turned to see who this stranger was that was acting up in such a weird manner.

The loss she had experienced started to kick in while she was running and tears filled her eyes. It wasn’t from pain but the image of her brother dying in her arms. Even his words and smile echoed in her mind.

Shean: Us two. We are a team.

Shean made a fist high five with Bee and she smiled. She was a teenager on this memory flash.

Shean: I gotcha little sis. See, it’s not that bad.

Bethany was sitting on the ground as Shean was bandaging her knee. She was very young like eight and she was wearing girlish pink skirt and white shirt. Her hair was on a ponytail with red ribbon. Shean helped her to stand up.

Shean: You and I against the world. Forever. *echo* forever…forever…*

The day they finally run away. Bethany was 12 when she jumped behind her brother on his motorbike and they drove away. She looked back at their last home for one last time.

Bee gasped and leaned with her arm on a street light. She closed her eyes and took few calming breaths. She heard all the noise around her and then it turned distant. The people vanished around her and she focused to the nothingness. She wiped her eyes calmly and her mind focused again to her own survival. She needed to get her bag.

It took a little while but she was finally back at the hospital.

St.Vincent Carmel Hospital

It was already evening when Bethany ran up the familiar stairs. She stopped just before the right door and peeked inside opening it just a bit. She didn’t see any danger so she slipped in and headed towards the locker room. She was almost there before she stopped fast on her tracks and dashed behind the corner.

The Winchesters had arrived to the hospital too and they run to the elevator and took a lift up. They arrived up just from the elevator and they walked to the door of the locker room as Bee was coming from the other way. Bethany hissed a mumbled curse and rested the back of her head against the wall.

The boys went in and Bee glanced around the corner to see if the coast was clear. She then slipped to the medicine storage and grabbed some hospital equipment with her for the wound. She headed to the medicine cabinet and picked up the lock with paper clips that she found close by. First she searched for anesthetic and needles and syringes.

Shean: Bee, You can’t trust anyone. If they knew what you are they would hunt you down and kill you. We can only trust one another.

Bethany heard in her mind. She lowered the coat from the shoulder and when she had taken the anesthetic to the syringe she stick the needle in her shoulder. She pushed good amount of the liquid near the wound and then she picked up medical pliers and pushed them into the wound. She wasn’t gentle as she needed to be fast with everything she was doing. She twisted and got a hold on the bullet and she pulled it out. She tossed the purgative to the wound and wiped it clean and then she wrapped the dressing around her shoulder.

All this took only a few minutes. She tossed everything in the trash basket and added pure alcohol on it and even more material that burned easily. Before Bee torched it with a match she picked up a strong narcotic from the medicine cabinet and then she continued to burn the evidence of her wound among the medicine equipment. After that she lifted the basket close by the fire alarm and then she just waited.

Meanwhile Sam and Dean entered the locker room and they flicked their badges to the one nurse that was there.

Sam: FBI ma’am. We need to check the room.

The nurse nodded and went on her way. She opened the door and smiled at Dean fast before slipping out. Dean answered the smile with a wink. Then both of the men eyed the room. The lockers were too small for the bag Sam saw on the surveillance tape so they checked under the chairs, the lockers, the shower room and even the huge trash can in the room but they didn’t find the bag.

Dean: Didn’t find anything.

Sam: Me neither.

Dean: You think the shifter got it already?

Sam: Nah…

Dean jumped on the bench and checked above the lockers while Sam pondered what had they missed. Then he looked up and he remembered the time in the bank with the other shapeshifter. He stood up on the bench and lifted the air vent cover away. Then Sam checked both sides and there he found it.

Sam: Dean, found it!

Dean: Good!

On that moment the fire alarm kicked in. Both men perked their ears to the sound of the alarm. Dean hopped down from the bench but when he landed and as his focus was on Sam somebody struck a needle on his neck and kicked his knees off from under him. Dean fell down on his knees and a knife rested on his throat and a knee was pushed to his back as a strong left arm gripped his shoulder.

Dean: Son of a –

Sam: Dean?

Sam bent down so he could see what was happening. The door was barred with a chair and the shapeshifter held Dean by his throat. Sam jumped down holding the bag. The staff of the hospital was already evacuating everyone outside because of the fire alarm and it was a clever distraction from Bee because she could sneak un-noticed back to the locker room.

Dean: What did you give me?!

Bee: Little something to keep you at bay… And I suggest your partner to hand over my bag without sudden movements. If he wants you to keep breathing that is.

Bee twisted Dean’s back and he was already having effects from the drug. He also felt how strong Bee was.

Dean: Mumble mumble…

Bee: Toss it here! Now!

Sam: So, what is your deal? Killing bunch of people and hoping you will get away with it? What did you do to my partner?!

Bee: None of your business. Now, hand it over if you value your brother’s life.

Sam eyed Bee and Dean grunted on the floor and on her hold. Bee pulled Dean back a bit and made a small cut to the side of his neck.

Bee: Yes, I know who you two are.

Dean was already losing consciousness so Sam didn’t have any choice but to throw the bag for her. Sam tossed it towards her right arm that held the blade and she dropped the blade in reaction and caught the bag. Sam jumped towards her and tackled her off from Dean who fell on the floor hardly conscious.

Bethany was left under Sam and she head butted him and tried to stretch her arm for the knife. Sam saw it and gripped her wrist. They wrestled over to get to the knife but then Bee lost her patience. She kicked Sam right where it hurts and that meant between his legs. It had the desired effect as Sam rolled to the side and Bee snatched the bag and swung it straight to Sam’s head when he tried to stand. Sam got hit and he fell down. He was out cold and so was Dean.

Bee left the knife on the floor as she decided it was better to split when she had the chance. Her right arm had hardly strength because of the wound but it was least of her worries. She run to the stairs and down and out of the hospital.

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