Part 4

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood

The evening was already turning to night. It had been a very moist day and the cold brought up a lingering fog on the streets. Bee leaned her arms to her knees and she took a breath glancing up at the moon. She had ran to a safe distance from the hospital. She narrowed her eyes a bit and looked around like someone was watching her.

She headed forward running and snatched her scythe from the bag. The rest she tossed to a dumpster after opening the lid that it would be easier to run. Her numb arm was making her slower. Bee ran few alley ways forward and dodged behind a dumpster. She leaned with her back on it when after a moment she heard footsteps.

Bee closed her eyes and listened. She lifted the scythe up on her chest level. It even started to rain when Bee used the Scythe to see behind the corner. She saw two male figures approaching from the reflection of the blade. She closed her eyes again and waited calmly for the men to walk closer. “With my luck they are freaking vampires again.” She thought in her mind. “The brothers and now this…”

Man: We can hear your heartbeat miles away girl. There’s someone that wants to see you.

Bee opened her eyes immediately. She put the scythe on her belt and she jumped up on the dumpster and from there up to the escape ladder. Her other arm was useless so she pulled herself up with only one and climbed upwards to the roof as fast as she could. The vampires on the other hand ran after her and head up the same route she was going.

Bethany: I hate to be right!

Bee’s heart was racing while she was escaping upwards. The vampires were this time faster but she made it up to the roof. She immediately ran forward on the roof and jumped to the next one. The street below reminded her about her immortality. There was no space for errors. It wasn’t a long way and the roof of the next building was lower so she made it. She jumped over a few obstacles and then a longer way to the next roof. That made her roll on the end and she landed on her bad arm. The sense of touch had already come back to it and that made her scream from the pain.

There was no time to loose so she forced herself up immediately. The two vampires weren’t far behind as she stumbled forward and jumped to the next declining roof and sliding on it with her behind down to a balcony. From there she jumped to a storm drain and slid down but only using one arm made her fall and land badly on the street and on her back. The air was hit out of her lungs and the rain was falling on her face.

Bee breath out and stared up. The hit made her feel like everything was happening in slow motion for a moment. The rain drops falling on her face and the vampires sliding down the drain and jumping down after her. She shook her head a bit because that made her snap out of it and stand up. She grabbed the scythe and snapped the chain from it to her bracelet.

Her attackers were now also on the ground level and she swung the scythe towards the neck of the first one. He dodged it barely by leaning back then Bee tossed the chain around his neck and tossed him over her shoulder. She let the chain loose when a kick came to her back and she tripped forward and fell on all fours.

The one that kicked her ripped her up from her jacket and tossed her against the wall. She slammed to it back first and then with her head. The vampire kneed her on her stomach that made her fell on to her knees but she was pulled up again and then the vampire kept hitting her on her stomach and face.

Man 2: Boss said he wants her alive!

Man 1: He didn’t say anything about her being conscious.

The shower of rain had passed. Bee seemed to fall unconscious and that made the vampire to stop hitting her. He looked at her for a moment and then he aimed one last bunch towards her chin. A bunch that never reached it’s destination as Bee’s hand blocked it and hold it with a crushing grip. She decided to ignore the tremendous pain in her arm to make that move and she looked up.

The vampire snarled at her but she already swung her scythe and struck his arm off from the elbow that made the vampire stumble backwards. She spun fast around to get some speed and she struck his head off in what seemed only like seconds. The body fell down after the head fell on the ground and it rolled beside the alive vampire. The one that wasn’t fighting decided to split and he sprinted towards the safest direction.

Bee persuaded him through few alleyways until she caught up to him and jumped to tackle him. Both rose from the ground and Bee swung the blade towards his midsection. The vampire dodged it backwards and he directed a bunch at her face. She leaned to the side to dodge it and then she stabbed the scythe downwards and it went through his shoulder through the bone and hilt deep in it.

The vampire gave her in reaction a back hand slap and she let go of the scythe momentarily because of it. She could though grab a hold on the chain and she pulled the man to him and kicked him to his groins. Then she pulled the scythe out from his shoulder with both hands and then she x-sliced his chest very deeply with it. The blood splattered on her face and the vampire turned and tried to escape again.

Bee: Where do you think you’re going?!

Bee swung the scythe and sliced him once on his back while he was escaping. Also a woman was leaving from her appartment at the same time and she appeared from the front door on the side. Of course the vampire grabbed the woman to a neck hold and he bared his teeth like he was going to bite her.

Man 2: STOP! If you value her life. Put down the scythe!

Woman: Uaah! Please don’t! Please, let me go!

So, it was a stand off. Bethany grunted and kept a good eye on the situation. The vampire bend the woman forcefully little bit back and leaned closer to her neck.

Man 2: Well?!

The alley was quiet like the rest of the city except for the trio that were there. Bethany sighed and lifted her arms to the sides.

Bee: Fine!

It seemed like she was giving in and the vampire leaned away a little bit from the victim. That is also what Bee seemed to wait when she dropped off the scythe from her hold only to grab it back from the air and she tossed it forcefully towards the vampire.

He leaned to the side so that the scythe missed and he already let out a laugh for the win. Except that when he returned from the lean Bee yanked from the chain that was bound to the scythe so that it was pulled back straight on his neck and a second yank pulled the scythe and cut his head off with strength that a normal human really didn’t have. The scythe flew towards her and Bethany caught it to her hand. The vampire fell down dead on the ground at the same time as the wall next to him got splattered red. The head dropped down with the body.

The hostage screamed and she just stood there shaking and staring at the man’s body. Bee walked to her.

Bee: Hey, you alright?

She didn’t get an answer so she slapped her fast on her cheek to get her out of the shock. Then she repeated her question.

Bee: You are safe now. He can’t harm you. Are -you- alright? Look at me.

Bee gripped her shoulders and made her focus on her.

Woman: I… I am… I’m…

Bee: Alright, listen… Go back inside and lock your door. Don’t tell about this to anyone. It is best that way.

The woman nodded at her still in shock. Bethany pushed her towards the door.

Bee: Go!

The woman headed back inside but before she vanished behind the door she turned her head and said: “Thank you.”

It was a rare occasion to get a thank you from those people she had saved because most people didn’t even want to accept what had happened to them. Bee gave a kind smile to the woman none the less even though she was very tired and hardly keeping up herself. And she was in dire need for a bath. She was dirty, smeared with blood, mud and all the other things a rainy city street can provide. But the evening wasn’t over. When she was alone on the street a voice echoed from the walls talking to her. She recognized it immediately. It is the one voice she will never forget.

Head vampire: You are quite resourceful aren’t you?

Bethany snarled and eyed around.

Bee: It is not my fault that you send your goons after me and don’t come yourself!

Bee listened to the vampire with hate in her eyes. She was turning around where she stood to find out where the sound was coming from and if she could use it to pin point his location. Bee even ran to the side alleys to follow the voice but she had no luck. The echo made it impossible.

Head vampire: I actually had heard rumors about two siblings. No, not the Winchesters. Everyone knows them but a duo that killed our kind, other monsters like ghosts. Not leaving a trace about who they are.

Bee: Really? And you think I am one of them? You have no idea who I am. Show yourself!

Bethany kept her scythe at bay on chest level while she was eyeing the roof tops and windows and even walls. A lonely street light was flickering on the building wall.

Head vampire: All in good time. The thing is… The rumor has it that one of the hunters has piercing grey eyes. They are quite famous. Just like yours. So imagine that, that I bumped into you two here. You and your brother are quite the myth, a legend and you lived up to it but unfortunately for you your brother didn’t.

Bethany held her anger in but she was boiling inside.

Bee: I don’t care who you think I am but you will pay for killing my partner. And those children? You are killing children?! What kind of a sick coward kills children. Can’t fight people of your own size, huh?

Head vampire: Oh, I know who you are… Bethany Colt. And the one that died was your brother Shean. Or should I call you two with your nickname, Double Trouble? You have got it wrong about the children though. I love the innocence. It is a sweet taste.

Bee: Come down here and I will show you how legendary I am!

Bethany picked up a stone and threw it to a direction she guessed he might be. Only thing she was successful though was breaking up a window on that building and making it’s attendants angry.

Head vampire: Feisty… but no. If I were you I would be more interested in finding out what I did to your brother’s body.

Bee: What?

Lights had started to come to some of the windows of the neighboring buildings when Bethany’s eyes widened from what she heard. She screamed to the vampire so loud that her throat hurt. She almost pleaded to the vampire to tell her.

Bee: What did you do to the body?! Tell me!.. TELL ME!!

But he didn’t answer her because he was already gone. Her voice broke and she ran the back of her hand on her nose.

Bee: I will hunt you down and kill you! You bastard!

It wasn’t even a scream anymore as it was more of a choked noise she made. Her arm lowered down in defeat and she fastened the scythe back to her belt. She could hardly lift up her feet when she walked back to retrieve her bag from the dumpster. The rest of her way back to the hideout went like in a haze and she probably didn’t remember anything about it. In the abandoned building she dropped the bag on the floor and she fell down to her dirty mattress on the floor.

Bethany had ran a long while only with her will power and adrenalin. She was totally exhausted and she curled into a fetus position. She trembled and closed her eyes. All she could see when she did that was her brother guarding her from the cold in the past with a blanket and he held her close. That memory finally broke her and the fact that she was truly alone. She started to cry and she couldn’t stop crying as it hurt too much. The tears made washed lines trough her face.

Best Western Townhouse Lodge

Sam: This room is actually pretty good compared to what we normally have!

Sam yelled to Dean that was in the shower clearing his head. After the ambush they had head back to the Impala and called for road service to bring them new tires. The man was quite curious how the car ended up with four slashed tires but Dean’s face prevented him from asking questions. Sam helped Dean to change the tires and Dean drove to a car shop to get a new window. Then they decided to rent a room for the night. They were both exhausted and the shapeshifter had been long gone already when they woke up in the hospital.

Dean: Yeah, Sammy. Did you find anything new about the monster?

Dean came out of the shower ruffling his hair dry to the towel and the other towel was tied around his waist. Sam was focused to check things with his laptop and he looked thoughtful. His face had a hefty bruise from the hit Bee gave him and also he felt still the kick to his family jewels.

Sam: Nothing much. Except she seems to have been busy again.

Sam turned the laptop so that Dean saw the news headlines on the screen.

Dean: You got to be kidding me… She killed two after knocking us out? Really? That girl is starting to irk me in the wrong way…

Sam: I know what you mean… but she left us alive?

Dean: I think she was just too eager to leave with the bag.

Sam: I guess… Well, other two men are dead because of her. And in the same way like the others.

Dean: I don’t want to think about it now. I need some relaxation after what she did to Baby.

Dean rested the towel on his shoulders and he sat on his bed. He picked up the remote and he started surfing through the channels while leaning on his elbow. Staying in the bunker had made him to loose his interest to watch TV that much. Mostly he listened to music.

Dean: Crap… Crap… Crap… Totally crap… Hold on…

One channel was showing Braveheart and that caught Dean’s interest. He stood up and pointed the remote like a sword.

Dean: “Fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!”

Sam tilted his head and raised his eyebrow a bit.

Sam: You are such a child…

Dean: Come on Sam. It’s Braveheart.

Sam: Fine…

Dean snatched his t-shirt and pulled it over his head and put it on. He also put on his boxers and tossed himself to sit and lean on the wall. He grabbed his beer and sipped from it. Sam walked to sit to the end of the bed and Dean handed him a beer. Sam snapped the cork open. Both men eagerly watched the movie before going to bed.

Abandoned building

Next morning Bee woke up early or maybe she didn’t sleep at all. At least she looked like she didn’t. She picked up her phone and attached the headphones on it. Then she snapped it to her belt and pressed play on it. She tossed her jacket on the side and jumped up to hold on to a horizontal pipe when No easy way out by Robert Tepper started to play in her headphones.

She focused to the music and did her morning exercise by doing chin ups first. After the right amount she lifted her legs up and did her stomach muscles. Her face only mirrored determination and all the emotion was gone again from last night. She looked uncaring now but under the surface she went over and over the event where her brother was killed and the other memories about him.

After the training she dropped down and now the song on the I-Phone was Burning Heart by Survivor. In an outburst she struck her fist through the wall next to her. She didn’t even care about the pain it inflicted and because she was half shapeshifter the wound of last day had almost healed completely.

Bee eyed her hand and then like nothing had happened she started stretching her arms and legs. She hummed to the music and started to sing even when the chorus started. She did all this still in the same dirty look from yesterday. She had only removed her jacket and the shoes.

Bee: “In the burning Heart. Just about to burst. There’s a quest for answers. An unquenchable thirst. In the darkest night. Rising like a spire. In the burning heart. The unmistakable fire… “

Bee: “In the warriors code. There’s no surrender. Though his body says stop. His spirit cries – never! Deep in our soul. A quiet ember. Know it’s you against you…”

In the corner was a huge rain water barrel and she picked up a towel from her bag. Because she really didn’t have a better way to wash herself at the moment she used the towel, the water and her soap to the dirtiest parts. When she had cleaned her feet she put on socks and the shoes. Then Bee put the leather gloves without fingers to her hands. She pushed stop to the playlist and sit down to call the phone service.

Bee: Hello? I would like to have numbers to the cheapest hotels in the area. Aha… alright. Hold on. Getting a paper and pen.

Bee picked up a pen and paper and wrote up the names and phone numbers of the hotels. Then she phoned one by one to every one and with the last one she dialed she got what she wanted.

Bee: This is Deputy Martin of Carmel police department. We are searching for eye witnesses in the area matching these descriptions. I wonder if you can help me? It will only take a moment.

Bee listened to the answer and smiled.

Bee: Alright, we are looking for two males. Age 30 to 40. The one who is shorter is about 6’3″ tall. He weighs about 175 lbs and has short brown hair and green eyes. The second one is 6’6″ tall. He weighs about 180 lbs and has dark brown neck long hair and hazel colored eyes. They probably arrived together.

Bethany waited a bit.

Bee: They arrived last evening? Great! I will deliver the information forward. And no-no, we will take care of it. Just act like normal. Thank you.

Bethany hang up the phone and she grabbed her jacket and swing it on. Then she picked up her back bag and she headed outside.

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