Part 5 – Epilogue


Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 1, Blood is blood

Best Western Townhouse Lodge

The sun slipped trough the curtains and the men woke up to the light. They stood up to eat some breakfast before packing up their bags. They headed down to the counter to give up the keys when the man there coughed a bit to his fist.

Dean: Yes?

Receptionist: You have a message delivered here.

Dean: A message? From who?

Receptionist: A woman. She left you a box.

Dean: A woman? Wait, the woman you mentioned wouldn’t be about this tall, having slender body, blond hair and deep grey eyes, would she?

Dean showed with his hand hoping he was wrong.

Receptionist: Yes, that was her.

Sam and Dean looked at one another and then Dean picked up the box that the receptionist gave him. They walked outside and rested the box on the trunk.

Sam: You think it is a bomb?

Dean: We will find out soon.

Dean opened up the box lid a little bit and it didn’t have a trap wire. He opened it fully and picked up the folded paper in it. He read it and handed it over to Sam.

Dean: “Stay out of my way or you’re next”.

Sam frowned and eyed the box. Dean picked up a bag that resembled a hex bag and he opened it. Then he poured it on top of his hand. Dean yelped and dropped what ever it was back to the box. Some blood spattered around the box.

Dean: Jesus! That’s sick!

The bag had many bloody teeth in it and now they were all over the box.

Dean: Teeth? Really?

Sam smirked and checked the box. There was nothing else in it.

Sam: Sounds like she is leaving town. I hope she didn’t curse you.

Dean: Curse me? Well, that’s just peachy…

Sam: Dean… I think we need to give her this round. We have no leads… Nothing and if she is leaving town her trail is as cold as it can get.

Dean: So, we can’t do anything but wait until she kills again? I don’t like that plan.

Sam: I don’t like it either but without leads we have no other choice.

Dean. Well, that is just pain in the a-hole…

Sam eyed the teeth and picked one crown tooth up. He turned it a little bit between his fingers. The teeth seemed to be from one person. That was clear. Then he dropped it in the box and closed it. Sam tossed it on the back seat.

Sam: We better burn those that we won’t get an angry ghost after us at same time with her.

Dean grunted and tossed his bag to the back seat. Sam did the same and they both opened the doors and sat inside.

Dean: Rock, paper, scissors? We stay here if I win or leave it if you win.

Sam: Dean… fiiine.

They did the usual arm shakes and Sam made a rock and Dean scissors. Dean lost again like always and he slapped the wheel with his hands.

Dean: Every time!

Sam: We will get her next time Dean.

Dean: Yeah, yeah…

Dean pressed a cassette inside the player and High way to hell by AC DC started playing. They turned around with the Impala and drove off to the street that headed out of the city leaving the place behind them and a case that was not solved.


After Bee had dropped the box to the lounge she headed back to the city by walking. She pressed a number on her phone and lifted it up to her ear. The sun was actually shining pretty warm to the pavement so while she was walking the warm air flickered up from the ground around her.

Bee: Hey, Roundabout… Yeah, it’s me. No… No DTS didn’t make it. I need the goods from the station. Yes, mine and his.

A car stopped by her and she glanced at it. The window rolled down and the man leaned forward. It was a middle aged man with bad teeth and creepy smile. Bee glanced at him and said to the phone.

Bee: Just a second…

Man: You need a lift missy?

Bee: No thank you. I rather walk.

Bee stared at the man with her grey eyes. The man was going to object but her look made him reconsider. He closed the window and drove off. Bee continued to walk.

Bee: Alright, I am back. Yes, the belongings. I am heading now where we left the bike. Brockway Public House… RaB, you know we… I work alone… I’m fine. Really…

Bethany sighed annoyed and she stopped and rubbed her eyes while listening to the other person on the phone.

Bee: I know you three worked with my brother… Yes… Don’t be worried… Fine. I give in because I really don’t have time for this. Wait for me at Brockway and I’ll follow you with the bike. Yeah, yeah… I know you mean well. DTB out.

At least there was no interruptions after that and she continued to walk carrying her bag on her back. She smiled a bit while she was thinking about the box. She had put her own teeth in that she had collected after her shape shifting and the blood was hers too. It was only needed a tiny amount anyway. But if a bystander was seeing her face in that moment they wouldn’t be sure if she did it to try to scare the Winchesters or maybe hope they would come after her and… Those dark thoughts wiped the smile and Bee glanced over her shoulder and kept walking.

Carmel Police Department

These few days weren’t going well for detective Mathews. Because he let the prisoner escape resulting the whole department going into chaos and that they found out that the two FBI agents had been frauds that he gave information to the order came from above and he got suspended without pay for a month while they were deciding if he was going to be fired or not.

His commissioner wasn’t happy about it but he could do nothing about it. Mathews cleared some stuff from his desk and he headed home. He had bought on the way to his flat a whiskey bottle from the store and when he got home he poured a drink to a shot glass from the kitchen cabinet and sipped from it.

Rick dropped his keys on the kitchen table and then he walked to the next room. He eyed the wall of his study and cleared the paintings from it. Then he opened the file he brought home from work. He attached on the wall a drawn picture from Bethany and also from Sam and Dean.

Under Bee he wrote and attached the notes “Jane Doe”, “Doctor Julie Parker” and under Sam and Dean he wrote “False FBI?” He didn’t have much to go on so he wrote many notes and added photos on the places where the case had happened. The first bodies and then the second. The Hospital had a question mark. Also he added a note about “Jane’s accomplices”. And three notes and a question mark under it. First read a Hacker, second one read Muscle and third one read Thief. Mathews wasn’t sure if the team had only three and that is why he added the question mark.

He took two colored cords and connected the person and events with them. He looked very determined. Then he stepped back and eyed the wall.

Mathews: Who are you?

He stared at the wall and took another sip from the shot glass.

Mathews: I will find you…

Brockway Public House

Lonely feet took Bee back at the Irish bar where it all had started. She had stayed off of there that she wouldn’t be expected to come back there or followed. Bethany stopped and eyed the bar. She was here with her brother last time. Bee hesitated for a moment because she didn’t want to be here. But she heard a quiet cough from a van on the side and she walked to it. She was handed over from the open window her brother’s belongings and hers from the police department.

Bee: Thanks… We will leave shortly.

She headed to the side and checked up the items. She opened a dumpster and tossed in everything else except for a few items. She took on her brother’s long leather jacket and tossed her own to the trash. The weapons she tugged to the back bag but the harmonica she ran trough her lips that she found. Shean had played it a lot and had taught her too. Bee smiled sorrowfully and then she took up the lighting fluid and used it on the clothes and the rest of the trash. Then she picked up the lighter and used it to a paper that she dropped to the trash can. Everything burst into flames in a second and Bethany stared at the flames a little while.

The fire burned strong and Bee slipped to the side and walked to her brother’s motorbike. She picked up the key that her brother gave her when he was dying. She knew what it was. It was the key to the motorcycle but also to a lot of other things. She ran her fingers on the handlebars to the gas tank and on the leather seat. The sun was shining from the metal parts because it was very clean and taken cared of. Bee kneeled beside the bike and glanced at the van. She heard her brother’s laughter and voice in her mind again.


Bethany watched Shean fix his bike while she was making him laugh. He let her paint the letters DTrouble on the gas tank “Double Trouble” which their hunting team was called.

Of course the old copy of the Legendary British Vintage Black motorbike was important to both of them. It was unique and also of antique itself like the real thing. The bike was a gift from an old man that they saved and needless to say he was very grateful…

This Vintage bike was manufactured by the old man in the USA and it was hiding under covers in his barn for many years. It had two cylindrical engines which could produce up to 250 cc of Power. It was wild and free like Shean and Bee and their most valued possession. Shean taught her to drive it but mostly Bee enjoyed being on the passenger’s “seat” watching the lands go by.

She remembered clearly the one day they stopped by to a meadow and watched the sunset. Shean rested against a tree playing the harmonica and Bee was smiling and staring into the distance. Their and the silhouette of the bike stretched on the grass forward like they were trying to reach for the world and the sky. It was a moment of peace for both.

Bee used the key to the hidden keyhole under the seat and it clicked open. The container had a lot of different symbols on the lid and walls. Also there was a hex bag inside and a worn leather journal with papers and other things sticking out. Bee touched it and she closed the lid. The book looked like a hunter’s journal and it probably was. Then she headed inside to get her biker helmet and Shean’s. She attached his to the rack as a reserve.

Bethany put on the headphones and then the helmet. After that she pressed play on her phone to listen to music and then she started the bike. She nodded to the van and it headed out. Bee rode right behind it and for the first time in her life as the only rider. She would never return to this city.

End of episode 1

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