Episode 2: Something wicked this way comes!


Bethany dropped the small scythe and she picked up her phone. While she dialed 911 and held it between her shoulder and ear as she pressed his neck wound to try to stop the bleeding.

Man: 911, what is your emergency?

Woman: Hello! Yes, I need an ambulance. East 102nd street. Alley. A man is bleeding from his neck. Please hurry!

Shean was growing pale and his body was twitching. He picked with his last strength something from his pocket and put it in her hand. It was a key. He only could utter her name until he was gone. It sounded like a nickname of sort. “Bee”

Cas sat beside the library table with a pile of old books and Dean’s laptop. He at least tried to make the laptop work but it was tough. Cas thought the computers must have been made by the devil because he couldn’t make sense of the bloody machine.

Dean’s phone rang and he snatched it up. He looked at the caller.

Dean: Cas, did you have something for us?

Cas: It says in the article that “Five men were slaughtered in Carmel, Indiana Tuesday night. The act was violent and an eye witness saw a woman flee the scene bloodied. The police have no leads except for a 911 call.”

The detective in charge walked to them and they introduced themselves again. The man looked about Dean’s age or maybe even little bit older. He was clean shaved and his cuffs were hanging on his belt. Also he had his shoulder holster on and long shirt. He looked more like an agent than a detective.

Mathews: I’m detective Mathews.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another.

Mathews: Last night we got a 911 call from a woman. Ambulance arrived at the scene but it was too late. One… male victim was… Well, it seemed that his head was ripped off from his shoulders. The second and third male had their heads cut off. Also the fourth but it seems that the same blade was used to slice him to pieces before the lethal blow. The fifth victim died to blood loss and it seemed his neck artery was bitten open… So, as I tell you this. I would be very interested to hear which kind of “similar” cases you are working on agents?
Mathews eyed both and Dean made his normal “damn” expression and he rubbed his neck. Sam looked at Dean and back at the detective.

Sam: As we said. “similar”.

Sam and Dean had arrived to the front of the hospital. Sam had checked the files and photos while they drove to it. Both got out of the car and they slammed the doors closed with the familiar squeaky sound.

Bee attached the ID she had stolen yesterday and where she had changed her picture to the jacket pocket. She hid her bag up to the ceiling in the air duct and she tied her hair in a fast ponytail while holding the hair bobble in her mouth and then tying it around her hair. With a finishing touch she put glasses on. Bee checked outside from the door window and then she headed out. She acted normally when she picked up a case file and she headed towards the morgue.

Bethany bumped into a man that looked like a cop, but she just continued forward not even focusing on to the sorry the man gave her.

The brothers flashed their badges again. Dean glanced at her nametag.

Bee: I am Doctor Julie Parker. What can I do for you?

Bee turned and sprinted again trough the corridors. She was really fast as she dodged and jumped over the obstacles. She was heading to the stairway while she had gotten few more on her tail, the security guards and few police officers that had been at the scene. Bee glanced behind her as she was almost scot free. She had gained some distance between her and the ones that were after her. But as she glanced behind her and tackled through the last doors she crashed into a man that was coming to her direction.

Bee: It’s DTB. I’m taking a detour. The city has been cruel to me so I need comfort and a cleaned up place after this all. Don’t try to contact me I will do so later.

First “ghost” was a young girl that walked and pick pocketed keys from Mathews who walked past her and also the police that got coffee and was the head of the evidence room. “Mathew’s crime wall: Thief” She passed a police officer and slipped the keys to his hand. The police officer walked forward his hat on his head and walked to sit lean on Mathews’ work desk. He was waiting for something. Both of these two kept their faces hidden. “Mathew’s crime wall: Muscle”

Whatever would happen it would happen soon and so it did. Every terminal and computer started acting up like a virus was send to the network of the police department. “Mathew’s crime wall: Hacker”

Nearby was a fire hose and Bee ran to it braking the glass with her elbow. Bee moved it around her waist and shoulder and then she took some speed by running and tossed the nearby chair through the window. The throw was so strong that the window broke immediately and she jumped right after out of the window diving head first. She ran away as Dean, Sam and Mathews were watching from the window.

Dean hopped down from the bench but when he landed and as his focus was on Sam somebody struck a needle on his neck and kicked his knees off from under him. Dean fell down on his knees and a knife rested on his throat and a knee was pushed to his back as a strong left arm gripped his shoulder.

Dean: Son of a –

Sam jumped towards Bee and tackled her off from Dean who fell on the floor hardly conscious.

Bethany was left under Sam and she head butted him and tried to stretch her arm for the knife. Sam saw it and gripped her wrist. They wrestled over to get to the knife but then Bee lost her patience. She kicked Sam right where it hurts and that meant between his legs. It had the desired effect as Sam rolled to the side and Bee snatched the bag and swung it straight to Sam’s head when he tried to stand. Sam got hit and he fell down. He was out cold and so was Dean.

Dean: A woman? Wait, the woman you mentioned wouldn’t be about this tall, having slender body, blond hair and deep grey eyes, would she?

Dean picked up the box that the receptionist gave him. They walked outside and rested the box on the trunk. Dean opened up the box lid a little bit and it didn’t have a trap wire. He opened it fully and picked up the folded paper in it. He read it and handed it over to Sam.

Dean: “Stay out of my way or you’re next”.

Bee used the key to the hidden keyhole under the seat of the motorcycle and it clicked open. The container had a lot of different symbols on the lid and walls. Also there was a hex bag inside and a worn leather journal with papers and other things sticking out. Bee touched it and she closed the lid. The book looked like a hunter’s journal and it probably was.

Shean: Bee, You can’t trust anyone. If they knew what you are they would hunt you down and kill you. We can only trust one another.

Bethany put on the headphones and then the helmet. After that she pressed play on her phone to listen to music and then she started the bike. She nodded to the van and it headed out. Bee rode right behind it and for the first time in her life as the only rider.

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