Part 1

Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 2, Something wicked this way comes!



Forest area near Sioux falls

Water surface of the lake wavered while the moon shone to it near the beach. A dark figure reflected on it too before it vanished into the forest. A family of four was camping in the woods. The night had fallen and the mother and father and a teenage girl and a young boy were looking up at the stars in the clear blue sky. The camp fire was the only thing to light up the surroundings but otherwise it was just darkness around them. The moon was shining brightly and the warm ground met with the slightly colder air turning the area under the tree leaves misty. The forest was quiet and there was not even a breeze to move the trees. Everything was motionless.

Sasha: I really didn’t want to come here mom. Linda was asking me for a sleep over.

Abbie: You have said it million times already young lady. Now, this is family trip. We haven’t done it a while so try to enjoy it. Now hush, your father is telling a story.

Sasha grunted and picked up her phone. She wrote a text message to her friend something in the lines “It sucks here”. She continued to play with the phone while her mother was holding sausages on the fire. Sasha’s little brother sat beside their mother well clothed and cap on his head. He seemed to like Batman as half of his clothes had those pictures on them. Their father was sitting and telling the story. The whole family had good camping clothes for the wilderness. Otherwise it was like any other ordinary family.

Carl: I heard a noise in the woods when grandpa and I were fishing. We decided to put our fishing rods down and head up the river by the brink of it. Sometimes the rocks were too hard to walk on and we entered the woods. We were curious what was making the noise and we got closer. We started to sneak and advance carefully because the river had a small waterfall on it and the sounds were getting louder, even the growling one. We came out of the woods and then we saw it. A huge grizzly bear was trying to catch the jumping fish!

The father stood up as he was so excited to tell the story. Sasha rolled her eyes and she put her headphones on to listen to the music. Their shadows were dancing on the tents and on their back bags. Abbie picked up the sausages and handed one in paper to the son with some ketchup.

Abbie: Here you go Micah.

She also offered one to Sasha but she shook her head so she just took it for herself and started to eat. The burning wood popped some burning sparks up and a snap of twig was heard in the woods or was it? Only Micah seemed to hear it while his father was continuing the story in loud voice. The boy turned his head from side to side and he gripped his mother’s sleeve.

Carl: The fishes were splashing up-stream and trying to dodge the huge paw to catch them.

He was motioning the fishes with his arms like swimming and the bear paw. Another twig sound came and Micah started to pull the sleeve more. Abbie picked him up to her lap to sit and she continued to listen. Sasha made a sigh and turned her eyes from her phone to her father. She narrowed her eyes and then they grew wide.

Carl: And then the bear noticed us and raised to his back paws and growled at us with front paws raised like t—

Creature: Grrrrrgghhh!

Sasha screamed loudly and Carl froze where he stood. There was something behind him and when the father tried to turn he exploded spattering the blood and bones over the family. It all happened fast and Micah escaped his mother’s arms and ran to the woods. Sasha ran after him and the mother. Sasha caught Micah’s hand and pulled him with her running as fast as they could into the dark forest. The branches were hitting their faces and they had been separated from their mother.

Abbie was running after them but she tripped. She jumped back up fast and ran forward yelling their names and trying to escape from the creature that had killed her husband at the same time.

Abbie: Sasha! Micah! Sasha!! Micah!! Answer me?!

She continued yelling. Finally she stopped and ran her hands through her face and hair. Her heart was racing and she had hard time to catch her breath. She leaned down to her knees and then up. Everything was quiet around her. Abbie turned on the spot around looking at every direction and she felt her head spinning. She had no idea what to do now.

Finally her breath calmed while she stood still but then the bad feeling rose inside her. She heard a light noise behind her and she Shakily turned her eyes and head a bit to the side and then she turned her body around slowly. She stared in front and her and her face turned slowly in full horror as a shadow crept over her face and she stepped back. She could do nothing but lift her arms crossed to guard herself and her scream filled the air as blood spattered in the clearing.

The children were running as far as they could. When Micah couldn’t run anymore Sasha eyed around and saw some rocks and a crack on it. It was small but they could fit in and it was little bit hiding behind the branches of a pine tree. Sasha’s ears were filled with the pounding of her heart and it felt like bursting. She was so afraid and she kept her brother in her hug as both cuddled to one another to calm their breathing and hoping they were safe. Sasha were going to make a run for it in the day time as she would see where to run to get help to her parents.

It was weird but they did fell asleep after a while or maybe it was just exhaustion and the monster didn’t find nor come after them. The small hole kept the runners safely hidden.

Next day

Looking down from the sunny sky there were thick forest, hills and up and down going serpentine road on the ground. The forest held pine trees mostly. Among the wilderness and its sounds was also today a humming of a motorbike. When you looked down closer you saw a woman riding it even if she almost looked like a man. Only few hints gave out that she was not.

Also she was listening some music that made the travel go faster. Bee looked up to the burning sun and then behind her at the familiar grey van. It looked like they were racing forward. Bee turned her head forward when the song Wild child of W.A.S.P started to play in her headphones. She put on some petal to the metal and made some distance to the van.

She couldn’t keep out from her mind what had happened. Her thoughts were all the time haunted by her brother’s image and the words of the head vampire. Why would he steal the body? To bury it to somewhere she doesn’t know just to spite her? To make her go after the vampire? Or did he use it to some satanic ritual? Or feed it to ghouls or other nasty things? That thought made Bee cringe. To see the image in her mind that his body was eaten by the monsters. Bethany shook her head.

“I ride, I ride the winds that bring the rain
A creature of love and I can’t be tamed
I want you, cause I’m gonna take your love from him
And I’ll touch your face and hot burning skin
No, he’ll never ever touch you like I do
So look in my eyes and burn alive the truth”

The drive took few minutes and Bee glanced to the mirror. Then she looked back again and motioned with her arm to the van to pull over to the side because they had just arrived to the gas station. Bee pulled over and turned the kickstand to the sandy ground. She un-mounted her bike and removed the helmet. The music was still playing in her headphones: “I’m a wild child, come and love me I want you…” and Bee turned it off while she walked towards the van that pulled over to the side too. Few bikers eyed her wheels and then at her from the side and also few work men were watching at her.

Bee had already seen them but she took no interest in their direction. She knelt and looked under the van. Something was leaking. She stood up and headed to the hood of the car.

Bethany: Pop it.

She said to the person inside the van and he did. Bee opened it and she leaned and looked inside. The men from the distance eyed her behind even though it was even hidden behind the leather jacket. Misty jumped down from the passenger side. She wore blue jeans and her brown hair was on a ponytail. Her eyes were greenish. She also had a top, plaid shirt and jean’s jacket on. Not the normal that a girl of her age would wear. She was more like a miniature hunter.

She was followed out by the driver that was Afro American. He had short hair and he was about the age of her brother. His eyes were blue that was not that common and they were hidden by sunglasses at the moment. He had also the muscles of a boxer and he wore almost the same clothes as the girl except under the plaid shirt he had a t-shirt. Also on his neck were really deep claw marks/scars and he looked like an ex-military man or a bouncer.

Bethany: The radiator is leaking fluids even worse than before. We should tank up now that we are here. I’ll see what I can do.

Rower nodded at her and he walked to the back with misty and they hopped in after opening the back doors to check their gear. Bee walked towards the shop and she walked inside. She checked the shelves and finally found something she could use as a radiator hose. She picked that up and some can food and junk food for Misty. She picked up also beer for Rower and juice for herself.

Shopping attendant: Good day. I hope your trip has been well.

Bethany: It has.

It was her short answer when she headed to the counter. While she was shopping two of the workmen came inside the shop and near to the counter where she was paying from her groceries. Bee knew they were douche bags with how they were eyeing her out and by the looks they were giving one another. The kind of man who gave her the creeps in a different way. And how they were talking and laughing behind her back made the hair in the back of her head rise.

Shopping attendant: Anything else?

Bethany: No, I am fine.

And just on that moment the closer man decided to slap her behind. Be snatched a hold on his wrist immediately and she turned forcing the man turn because of wrist lock and she pressured him down to the floor and the hold turned to an arm lock and she pressured her knee to the man’s back. All this happened in seconds.

Bethany: Do you want to lose your arm? Just tell me now.

The other guy made movement to come to the help but his friends scream from pain made him stand still.

Bethany: Back off! Now do you?!

Bethany yelled and then said to the man she was holding.

Attacker: No!!

Bethany: Good. Now, hope this learned you a lesson to think before you act.

The man was let go from her hold but as she was used to make all threats harmless for her advantage she gave the man a good punch right after to his cheek. His friend was not luckier as she kicked him in the groins and elbowed him to his face making both of them unconscious. The cashier blinked and was staring what happened mouth open. Bee picked up her groceries and tossed the money to the counter and some cash extra for the gas. It was enough for her bike and the van.

Bethany: The rest are for gas.

She stepped over the men and headed out. She nodded from the distance to Rower that was filling the tank and she filled up her bikes too when she drove to the meter. She handed the groceries to Rower.

Bethany: Had some trouble inside. We better hustle.

Rower: Trouble?

He glanced at the shop and then he saw that two workers were missing from outside.

Rower: I see… Where are we heading Bee?

Bethany closed the lid and put on her helmet while she mounted her motorbike. She thought about it for a moment and then she said.

Bethany: I know a cabin close by. It belongs to a friend and it is far from everything in the woods. At this time of year she is never there so it is safe place to rest. I can also make a temporary fix to the van when we are in a calmer surroundings.

Rower: Lead us there.

Rower nodded and he stepped in the van. Bee drove off first, then Rower followed and they headed out. He glanced at the door while driving past it from which said men just ran out with bruised faces and bleeding noses. They started yelling profanities after them but it was already too late.

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