Part 2

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Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 2, Something wicked this way comes!

At the same time

Sioux falls, Wells Fargo Cinedome Theater

The room was completely dark if you didn’t count the projector lighting up the white movie screen in front. Dust particles were dancing on the beam while the movie was running to the few people that were actually in a day screening. There was already an action scene going on if you trusted the noise and yelling and blasts that were happening. Then a man lift up a chainsaw and sliced a shark open from the middle so that it was cut in two parts. A laugh was heard from the back of the movie theater.

Dean had a huge popcorn can on his lap where he was constantly picking up a handful to his mouth. He was excited to see Sharknado 2 and he was leaning to the chair and had his legs up on the seat in front of him. Sam on the other hand was watching the movie mouth opened like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He clearly didn’t like the movie and he was sitting on the seat like a grumpy old man. Both hunters were sitting way in the back so behind them was the wall. It was the usual for them to be careful that nothing can surprise you from behind.

Sam twisted and turned on the seat while the movie was going forward. Minutes felt like hours and Sam felt his brains were turning into a puddle the longer he needed to watch the movie. Dean on the other hand was laughing and looking at the movie like a little kid. Exited and munching the tasty butter and vanilla popcorn. Finally Sam couldn’t take it anymore and he said annoyed.

Sam: Really Dean? This movie sucks.

Dean: Shhh!

Sam grunted and leaned his chin to his hand while his elbow rested on the armrest. With his other hand he picked up his phone because it started to tremble in his pocket. Dean glanced at the phone and Sam looked more like he was saved by the bell.

Dean: You got to be kidding me… You are going to answer it now? Is it at least a case?

Sam glanced at his brother and he only grinned. He stood up and picked up his jacket to his hand. He answered to the text message at the same time as he was walking out of the theater. Dean grunted and tossed a handful of popcorns after him.

Sam: Cass just found us a case. It is close by us.

Dean: We were going to surprise Jody Sam. Have a vacation? Does that ring a bell?

Sam: I weren’t the one that wanted to make a detour and watch a movie that goes against physics and over all our sanity.

Dean: Hey, ey woah, bitch.

Sam: Jerk! Now come on. The police were just called to the crime scene.

Dean sighed and stood up. He lowered the popcorn towards the seat but then he grinned and grabbed the can with him while Sam was already long gone. Dean had kept his jacket on the whole movie so he just hustled after his brother. Sam was already at the Impala waiting for him. Dean headed to the other side of the car and opened the door. He sat inside and Sam joined right after.

Dean: So, what is it?

Sam: Double homicide with the word weird written all over it. There are two witnesses, children. I got the coordinates. Should we call Jody?

Dean: Nah, we will probably see her at the site. Now where to?

Sam: Take the road west out of the city and it is in the woods close by a camping site.

Dean: So what will we be? South Dakota Highway Patrol?

Sam: That sounds better than FBI in this case.

Dean pressed in the tape and they speeded out while Stranger in a strange land by Iron Maiden played from the speakers. Dean eyed the road ahead while Sam was checking the information from his phone. Watching the scenery go by and driving down the road always gave Dean great happiness. He was tapping the wheel with his thump while he made a glance at Sam from time to time.

Dean: Are you trying to find more information about the case?

Sam: Yeah… but well also about…

Dean’s face grew darker.

Dean: Julie Parker aka the Shapeshifter? You know we haven’t heard about her for months? And because of her we have had also run-ins with Mathews. He really wants our hides.

Sam: I know Dean. I just can’t get her out of my mind. Why didn’t she kill us?

Dean: He or she or whatever that thing is was in a hurry Sam. Scared for her own hide. There is no deeper meaning in her actions.

Sam: I just think there is more than that…

Sam stared outside the car and Dean left the conversation there. Dean almost blurted about “What is it with you and monster chicks” but he held his tongue. It would have been understood the wrong way for sure. He eyed up the road signs and then he made his first turn to the right.

Forest area near Sioux falls

They drove a while on the main road and then they turned to a forest road and then even few smaller ones. Dean was starting to fear for his baby’s tires the further they got and the rockier it got. Finally they arrived to the clearing and their destination. There was two ambulances present on the scene when they arrived there and some police cars and a park ranger jeep. Sam and Dean had kept their normal clothing on and not the official suits they normally had on when working on a case. Both were very relieved that they could do that once and a while.

People were walking around and the criminal forensic team was there. Dean and Sam opened the doors and stood out. Then they headed to the cop that looked like he was from the same precinct as Jody. They nodded to the cop and flashed their badges.

Dean: South Dakota Highway Patrol… I’m Officer Cash and this is Quinn. We heard about this case from the radio. What’s the situation?

The cop eyed them both and then nudged his head towards the ambulances. He gave a fast introduction about himself before explaining forward.

Cop: I’m Officer Cooper. I wish I could tell you what was going on but if you have a weak stomach I wouldn’t go to the crime scenes. Further down the path last night the family was camping. Whatever the perpetrator was it killed the father first.

Sam: Wait… Whatever it was? You don’t —

Cooper: … know what did it? Explosion? Animal? We have no idea. Blood spattered everywhere and the father exploded. Only his bones were left and they were pearly white like they were washed. The thing is… Except for the blood and bones everything else was missing. No meat nor intestines. It’s like they vanished in thin air.

Dean let out a grunt as they were walking forward. He didn’t like the images he was getting in his head. The cop explained everything at the same time when they got to the first scene. It actually looked worse than it sounded.

Cooper: When the father was killed the boy and daughter ran to the woods and the mother was running behind them. On this spot she tripped and lost sight of her children.

Cooper pointed at the root and markings on the ground. Sam and Dean examined the surroundings carefully and they imagined all what had happened in their minds. They continued forward and they got to another scene which was in the same state as the previous one.

Cooper: She was caught and killed here. What we got from the children they ran and hid in a cave. In the morning the daughter ran with the boy and they bumped into a hiker. The daughter is in shock and the son is not speaking at all. They are not letting go from one another. Sasha, the daughter said that a shadow killed them and it smelled bad.

Sam: Smelled bad? Did she say specifics?

Cooper: Like rotting flesh and bad eggs? I have no idea officers…

The brothers glanced at one another.

Dean: Thank you. We will take it from here and examine the rest. Is sheriff Mills on duty?

Cooper: You know Jody? She is on a vacation with her daughter.

Sam and Dean tilted their heads a bit and they looked at the man.

Sam: Her daughter? Oh, you mean Alex? That’s right…

Cooper nodded and headed out. Sam and Dean looked happy that the girl the trio saved was now safely in Jody’s care. Dean kneeled to check the ground where the said explosion seems to have happened. The bones were marked and on the muddy ground you could see the footprints of the mother. Dean checked the surrounding area for the attacker’s footprints but he could find none. Somebody had moved there and there was pressure points but were they really foot prints? They didn’t seem like one.

Dean: Sam, look at this… What the hell?

Sam kneeled and leaned to his knee. He noticed the same thing while he touched the marks with his fingers.

Sam: What the hell is it?

Dean: Your guess is as good as mine. A demon gone foul, is there even that kind of demon?

Both stood up and they headed back to their car. The ambulances had taken the children to the hospital meanwhile and before they got back.

Sam: I checked the maps. There is a lake close by and also a swamp like area… I couldn’t smell sulfur but it doesn’t look like a demon did it… And why would it even kill in the middle of no where…

Dean: We have more questions than answers at the moment… So, heading back to the city? Take a room at a hotel and examine it further? Good thing Jody’s cabin is totally on the other side of the forest…

Sam: Speaking of Jody. Hold on.

Sam picked up his phone and tried to call Jody. He only got her voice mail.

Sam: Hey Jody, its Sam. We are right at your backyard and were wondering where you are at the moment? Call me back.

Dean opened the door to the Impala and leaned on the roof with his arms while Sam made the call.

Dean: No answer?

Sam: Yeah… Just wanted to make sure she is not at the cabin with Alex.

Dean: Well, let’s get our stuff to a hotel and then let’s check up the hospital and then the precinct. She will call us back.

Both stepped inside the Impala and they headed back to the city thinking the whole trip what they were really up against.

Forest area near Sioux falls, Jody’s cabin

Familiar roads were ahead of Bethany when she curved to the small forest road and drove forward with her motorbike. She has always liked forests. They can give you shelter and everything you need to survive if you know what to do. She also liked the autumn time when the forest were painted in many different colors like now with the falling leaves.

Bee drove to the side in front of the cabin and parked the pike there. She swung her leg over and pulled the helmet off her head. Rower drove to her side and he jumped out of the van with Misty. Bee walked to retrieve the toolbox from the back. She also picked up the tube from her bike bag and some cable tie.

Misty: How do you know this place?

Bee: I was in a foster care like multiple times before. They had separated me and my brother and let’s just say that my foster father seemed to like punishing me and my foster mother with his fists. He wasn’t a drunk though. Shean was in jail at the time because they said he tried to kidnap me from them. So, one night he was beating Jeanne again and I just lost it. I had taken the beating many times before and just survived it but not this time. I almost stabbed him to death and I thought I was done for. But then I met someone that helped me. That was Sheriff Jody Mills and she was on my side from the start. She believed me when others didn’t when I told what happened. Jeanne was taken to the hospital and she brought me here while Bill was arrested from domestic violence.

Misty: Mrs Mills sounds like a nice person.

Bee: She is.

Bethany walked to the front of the van and opened the hood. Rower walked to her side. She put down the toolbox on the ground. Misty ran meanwhile to check the surroundings. Bee eyed after her and then she turned her head to check the engine. Some bird were ruffling the tree close by and the wind swayed the trees slowly.

Rower: So, you know how to fix cars?

Bethany grinned at him when she pulled her army knife from the belt holder. She cut the tube and cut the broken old one off.

Bee: My brother…

She stopped and stared down like she remembered something.

Shean: Use it here and here Bee. Not there.

Bee was standing on a box and fixing some crappy old car with Shean. He was showing her the right places and teaching the names of what is what under the hood. Bee giggled and looked at Shean. He ran his thumb on her nose that made her have a black nose tip.

Bee: Ey, nooo!

She glanced at Rower and then at the engine continuing what she was about to say.

Bee: My brother taught me a lot of things… Cars and bikes were one of them. If they break down we needed to be able to fix them. Want to help?

She sounded sad when she said it. The memories still haunted her. They did every day.

Rower: Sorry, should have known… and of course. I know something about cars too.

Bee: It’s alright…

She examined and attached the tube and used the cable ties to attach both ends tightly. Bee also checked the rest of the wiring and tubes and if there was any damage to the engine.

Bee: Hand me a wrench. It at least seems that the engine hasn’t fried yet…

Rower leaned and picked up a wrench from the toolbox. He handed it over and he lowered himself on his back and shuffled under the car.

Rower: It seems good down here too. Leaking has stopped.

Bethany tightened some bolts and knocked on some to see how things were. She also used it to move some of the wires and tubes away to check the parts that were behind.

Bee: All seems alright. The fix makes it like new.

Misty had run back and she retrieved a cloth where Bee could wipe her hands from the oil and dirt. It only helped a little though. Rower stood up brushing the dirt and leaves off from his jacket and pants.

Rower: So, what’s the plan?

Bee: I know where the extra key is to the cabin and hopefully it is still there. Then we will bunk a few days here. I’ll move the bike inside the van and we can hide it in old wooden storage shack close by. Can you lower the rail from the back?

Rower: Sure thing.

Bethany walked to her bike and fastened the helm on the handlebars. Rower opened the side door to the van and he stepped in. Soon some cursing ensued and Bee heard a thud from the back.

Rower: Done!

She kicked the bike stand away and rolled the DT up from the back. Then she took some package belts and fastened it to the wall so it would stay put. Bee kneeled and tried the belts. Then she opened the seat and took away the hunter journal. She tucked it inside her coat then she put the seat down. Rower appeared to the back and Bee glanced at him. Then she smiled and tapped the seat.

Bee: Be good DTrouble. We are soon back on the road again.

Rower: You two want to get a room?

He said and laughed.

Bee: Shut it Rower.

She grinned and she crouched out of the van and jumped down. She fixed some loose hair out of her mouth from her ponytail and then she eyed the cabin.

Bee: I’ll check things inside. Take the van to the storage cottage. Go back the same road and then left. The wilderness has hidden it pretty well.

Misty: I want to go with Rower.

Bee: Alright… Just walk back here when it is done? And cover your tracks.

Misty: Yes mom.

Bee bit gently her lower lip from the snarky remark while the duo stepped in the van and drove off. She walked to the porch and turned around checking the surroundings. She even gave a tiny smile while she was remembering her past and the time she spend here. The only time she really had peace. Bee stepped to the side and pulled up a floor board that was loose and picked up the key that was miraculously still on the same spot.

The key turned and clicked on the lock. Bee took a small breath and opened the door. Her hand searched the light switch from the side and she flicked it on. Everything was like it was years ago; the warm wooden interior, the sofa and the kitchen and even the cross on the wall. Bee walked to the books and run her fingers on them that were standing on the shelf and picked up Narnia. She smiled and then put it back on the right spot. Bee glanced at the family pictures on the side shelf and there was a new one. On the picture was about a young girl. She walked and picked it up and lowered it back down after she had examined it closely.

Then she headed forward to the corridor and opened the door to the quest room. Bee kept a hold on the handle and stared inside the room. Last time she was there was after the incident of her foster parents. She had stayed here a week and every day Jody tried to get through the wall she had build around her.

This was the last night she was here. Jody was sitting on her bed and kept a hand on her hand to comfort Bee. Even if Bee wasn’t talking Jody was talking to her because she was able to listen. After a while Jody stood up, walked to the door and put the lights off. She glanced at Bee one last time before she closed the door.

Unknown to Bee Shean had escaped from the jail and he found out where she was kept. He knifed the window and climbed in. When Shean landed on the floor like a cat he put a hand on Bee’s mouth covering it fully. Bee of course tried to swing at him and not scream.

Shean: Put on your clothes. We’re leaving.

He whispered.

Bee: Shean, Shean wait… I ca–

Shean: Shhh…

Bee put on her clothes and because she really hadn’t settled in even if she tried her bag was still ready for fast escape. So, Shean picked it up and pulled her from her hand and out the window.

Bee: Wait… I need to tell Jody… Shean w—

Shean pulled her with and she only saw the window escaping and distancing from them. Again she was gone like usual without a trace. That was the last time when she saw Jody.

Bee snapped out of the memory lane because of the sound of a car approaching and wiped the fallen tear off her cheek. She walked back and glanced out of the window after moving the curtain slightly away.

Bee: I told them to leave the van there. What are they doing?

Bee opened the door and stepped out. The lights flashed to her eyes and she covered them with her arm. It was already dark outside. Her eyes focused fast to the night and she lowered her arm. Too bad it was already too late. Jody stepped half way out of the pickup truck and Alex dropped out from the other side. Bee was surprised about their arrival but so was Jody.

Jody: Bethany?

She said and stared at the girl. Rower and Misty appeared from the woods on the side chatting quietly and they dashed behind a huge tree when they noticed the car. Bee saw them and shook her head in a small manner for them to remain hidden.

Rower: Oh crap…

Jody glanced at the lights inside and the open door. She was the only person with Shean that could make Bee squirm and when those eyes turned back to Bee she really wanted to melt and flow under the cabin.

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