Part 3


Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 2, Something wicked this way comes!

Bee bit her lip and then smiled putting her hands to her jacket pockets. She tried to descend down the stairs casually but at the same time trying to avoid Jody’s eyes. Jody was looking at her sternly.

Bee: Heeey, Jody. Long time no see?

Jody closed the car door and Alex did the same. She watched how Jody would react to the stranger and then she turned her eyes back to Bee.

Bee: I needed a place to crash and I remembered the cabin and where you kept the spare key. I thought it would be empty this time of y–

Jody walked to her and snatched her to a motherly hug. It interrupted fully what Bee was saying. Alex seemed ready to jump on Bee if she even remotely seemed as a danger for Jody.

Jody: Blasted kid… Thank god you are alright.

Bee trembled and moved her arms to a hug around Jody. She didn’t know how to react or what to say. She was not accustomed to get hugged. Her response was hesitant just because that fact. At the same time she hoped that Jody didn’t feel all her concealed weapons on that moment.

Bee: Y-yeah, sorry… My brother came and we ran… You know him. He —
Jody: Your brother? The fugitive?

Jody leaned back and now her hands gripped Bethany’s shoulders tightly. Bee glanced at them and back up at Jody. Bee saw Alex walk past them and Alex glanced at Bee suspiciously.

Alex: I’ll make us some tea.
Bee: I needed to go…

Jody: You know how much in trouble you were because of him? You should have stayed. Where is he now? Waiting in the bushes? I have waited to give him some peace of my mind.

Alex listened at them inside while she was making tea. Bee looked to the side involuntarily and she couldn’t hide how she was feeling. Jody knew that face all too well. Her grip loosened and she let her shoulders go.

Jody: Bethany, where is your brother?

Bee made a forced smile trying to brush the question off but Jody’s stern eyes made her take a deep breath. She crossed her arms defensively and then her body language turned to reflect calm before the storm. She tried to hold it together when she turned her head to look Jody in her eyes.

Bee: He passed away.

Alex stopped making her slice of bread and she glanced at the doorway.

Jody: He died? How? I’m so sorry Bethany…
Bee: Things happen. You know… Moving on.

Jody grunted and folded her arms.
Jody: You are evading the question and it is clear you are not alright. Are you in some kind of trouble? Is someone after you?
Bee: What’s the third degree? If this is how it is going to be I can also leave.

Bethany had a short fuse or maybe she just didn’t want to talk about her brother. Bee tried to walk past Jody but she stopped her softly from her arm. Bee snatched her arm away immediately.

Jody: Woah! Hey, I didn’t mean that. I am just worried you know… because of your past.

Rower and Misty listened to the conversation from behind the tree. Jody stepped back giving Bee some room. Misty had lowered herself to hide behind the bushes.
Jody: You know you are always welcome to stay. Shall we go in and catch up? It is your choice.

Bethany glanced around and inside the cabin. She seemed hesitant for Jody but in her mind she was deciding her course of action and glancing at the others. Jody took a calmer approach and she tried not to pressure Bee that she wouldn’t push her away.

Jody: Well?
Jody made a wave with her hand towards the house.
Jody: After you…
Bee: Sure… Fine.

Rower narrowed his eyes when Bee head inside. She stopped to the door and Jody passed by her and turned to hold the door. Bethany smiled and moved her right hand swiftly behind her back. She made few army hand signals fast to Rower. She motioned two fingers and then hand backwards and down. In other words she ordered both of them fall back and take cover. Then Bee walked inside and Jody closed the door.

Rower tapped Misty on her shoulder and they retreated to the forest and then jogged back to the van carrying the duffle bags at the same time with all their gear and food. They slipped inside the shack from the broken door. Rower opened the back doors of the van, stepped inside and moved the motorbike down the ramp and to the side of the van. Both stepped inside from the back and they shut the doors. Misty grabbed her knife and begun to play with it while she slumped down annoyed to sit on the crate. Rower handed her a soda from the blue cooler and then he sat down on the floor his back against the wall. He grabbed an energy bar to eat. Misty popped the cork to her elbow and twisted it open easily after that. Then she took a gulp.

Misty: Why are we taking orders from her? She doesn’t even want to work with us.

Rower looked at her and then he rested his arms on his knees. The bar hung loosely between his fingers. Misty lowered the bottle to her side and continued to practice with the knife.

Rower: Her brother asked us to take care of her if something would happen to him. She has lost everything… We’re all she has got now.

Misty: She still has a bad attitude…

The van was dark from the night shadows and from outside they could hear a lonely owl and other forest nightlife waking up at the same time with the moon and the stars. Rower took a bite from the bar and flicked the van light on from the ceiling.

Rower: So, in your opinion she is cold and not caring towards us? Staying in a distance? You think she doesn’t like us?
Misty: Well, she doesn’t…
Rower: Her life shattered the moment Shean died. That is the only life she knew. Shean even kept her away from other people. So, she is not over the loss of him. Well, you can’t be hurt if you have no one to care about right?

Misty: She is scared to lose us?
Rower: Yes and if she gets to know us she would fear it even more.
Misty: I miss Sheany too, you know…
Rower: Me too kiddo. But for Bee he was everything. I never told how I and Roundabout met Shean?
Misty: No. He doesn’t want to talk about it… You know… because of the leg. Even though I can handle gruesome stories…
Rower: I know Misty… I wish I would have been there in time to save them.

Misty went slightly paler and she shrugged to brush the whole thing off. Rower was talking about her parents. She still can remember what happened that day.

Somebody smart had used cursed medallion that had made nature go wild around it. The vines and roots had killed the user and the large vines moved forward wreaking havoc where ever they lingered. Misty and her parents were driving home that night when the vines grabbed the moving car from the road and tossed it against the rocky hill.
The right back door of the car had opened from the impact and she fell down to the tree branches below. The car rolled down and the parents with it. From the tree she saw how the vines literally pulled her parents from the car from the windows and ripped them apart while she was screaming and hugging her doll and the tree branch at the same time.

Misty closed her eyes. Maybe if she couldn’t see it the moster would go away? She could hear her breathing in her ears and her heart was beating out of her chest. Finally when the vines focused on her and snapped towards her she opened her eyes and screamed as hard as she could. Then she heard a yell and saw a bright light. A man was holding something up in the air in his hand that flashed the light while he was seen only as shadow in her eyes.

The vines screeched and burst into flames. Then they were gone and ash was raining down where they were before. It felt like ages for her but the man ran to her and climbed the tree to get her down. He carried her on his back and then he let her move to the front to hold him from the neck and legs around his waist while they watched the burning car.

After that she had no one so Rower got custody of her when he pulled some strings with the authorities. He saw her as his responcibility and he didn’t want her to get bounced in the system.

Misty: Yeah, well…

Rower: I guess none of us have happy stories to tell. Shean saved Roundabout from a possessed Hell hound that he had tracked down but not before it had ripped Roundy’s leg away. Shean took him to the hospital and he helped Shean with hunting after that. So he could repay what Shean did to others like him. He still does. Me? Well, nothing happened to me but I saw him fight a mob of five once. I decided to run and help as he was out numbered.

I was way over my head because he wasn’t fighting humans but the living dead. Luckily we survived and well… When you have touched the world of Supernatural you can’t escape it nor hide from it. I joined Shean to the hunts when he needed me and hunted myself. Without Shean I wouldn’t have been there to save you that day. And Shean was also there because Bee kept him safe. They both kept each other safe. Do you see now?
Misty: So, in a way they saved also me?

Rower nodded and bite down the last piece of the bar. Misty sighed and twirled the blade few times more on her fingers before sheathing it back to her sleeve.

Misty: Fine… I’ll cut her some slack…
Rower: Don’t worry. She will grow on you. When you get to know her she is not that bad. Now get some sleep.

Misty picked up some blankets and tossed the other to Rower. He closed his eyes while his head lay against the hard metal of the wall. Misty made a simple travel bed to the other side and she also lay down. She turned towards the wall and stared at it before falling asleep.

Red Roof Inn Sioux Falls

Next morning Dean was washing his teeth and talking to Sam about what they learned yesterday. They had been all over town. The hospital to question the witnesses, the morgue to see the “bodies”, precinct asking for new information and evidence and they were literally in a dead end. Nothing had lead to the clues about this case.

Dean: So what have we got Sammy? Where are we at?

He said with the teeth brush sticking out from his lips. Then he continued to brush his teeth.

Sam: Well, I have no clue. The bodies were a mess and clean like they had been dipped to an industrial cleaner. The witnesses were no use. They are children and they just ran as far as they could. We know it is a monster but found nothing from the net nor John’s journal about it. It’s not like information about a body melting monster would not catch in our eyes. Still… I have a really weird feeling about this case.
Dean: What kind of a weird feeling? Butterflies in your stomach?
Sam: No… something else.

Sam tossed the pillow at Dean that was grinning because of his remark. Dean dodged to the side and laughed out loud. He walked to the bathroom to spit the tooth paste out and then he used the towel to wipe his face.

Sam: Very funny… I just feel like we have missed something… Maybe… I think I should try to call Jody again. I want to know she and Alex are alright.
Dean: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Sam picked up his phone and he checked at web pages at the same time. He held the phone between his shoulder and his ear while he was clicking the sites with his mouse.
Dean: You know you’re neck is going to hurt if you continue to use the phone that way.
There was no answer at first but when Sam was going to retort back to Dean Jody answered the call.

Jody: Mills?

She was just preparing breakfast for the girls and herself. The menu for today seemed to be waffles and orange juice. Jody had slept on the couch or should we say slept with one eye open. She was not going to let Bee sneak past her like she did before and she also had a feeling that Bee was in trouble again.

Sam: Heya Jody.
Jody: Sam? How’s it hanging? You two are not in trouble, are you?
Sam: No no, we’re good. We were just wondering where are you at because we heard you were on a vacation with Alex?
Jody: We are at the cabin.

Sam made a grunt and he glanced at Dean. Dean whispered to him: “They are there aren’t they?” Sam nodded.
Jody: Alright, what’s going on?
Sam: Nothing… We were in the neighborhood so we thought we could stop by.
Jody: Cut the crap Sam… Now out with it.
Sam: “sigh” Well, we are here because of a case. There is a monster on the loose in those woods. It seems to kill at night time. Maybe you and Alex should head back to the city?
Jody: I can’t…
Sam: Jody, it is something we have never encountered before and dangerous, you should…
Jody: I have a visitor here Sam. She will run away again if I would try to take her with us. I am not leaving her in the woods alone.
Sam: Alright, then we will come to make sure you remain safe. We will see the precinct if they have any new leads that could help.
Jody: I will hold the fort meanwhile. See you then.
Sam: See you and Jody. Be careful.
Jody: You know me.

Sam smirked and hung up the phone. Dean raised his eyebrow a bit.

Sam: She is not leaving. Jody has someone she knows visiting.
Dean: Really? Come on!

Dean put his whole body movement for the “Come on” word frustration. He continued to mutter some words when he headed to get the towel from the bathroom.

Sam: I know… We better hurry there before nightfall.

Sam turned his eyes back to the laptop screen. He had flicked through web pages at the same time and then he stiffened when he saw something in local news. He made his normal face that he always got when something unexpected or annoying happened. He peered at the image.

Sam: You got to be kidding me…
Dean: What?
Sam: You won’t believe this. I can’t believe she is here.
Dean: Who?

Dean took a hold on the towel in both ends with his hands that was around his neck and he walked around the table to look at the screen. Sam clicked play on the video and Dean leaned closer to the screen. His face stiffened and if a look could kill, then the person on the video would be dead.

Dean: Son of a bitch…

The video was filmed by the security camera in the gas station. They saw the fight between Bee and the men. How she gave the man a good punch to his cheek and the friend she kicked in the groins and elbowed him to his face making both of them unconscious. Bee picked up her groceries and tossed the money to the counter and some cash extra for the gas. Then she left but not before she walked and flashed those shapeshifter eyes to the camera.

Sam: You think… You think she might have something to do with this? I mean could it be a coincidence she is here?
Dean: She is bad news and I don’t believe in coincidences Sammy. We have a chance to take her out. It’s time to terminate her lame ass.

Dean tossed the towel to the bathroom and headed to his bed. He leaned and picked up his bag and rested it on the bed. Sam closed the lap top and went to pick his and he tugged the laptop there. They both checked their guns in the normal lock and load manner. Dean picked up the bag and snatched his jacket from the chair. He opened the door and headed out to the Impala. Sam followed him while he carried his bag and he picked up his jacket from the hanger.

Sam closed the door behind him. Outside you could hear running footsteps, muffled voices. Dean seemed to be in a hurry. Tires of the Impala screeched and you could hear a distant sound of AC/DC’s Highway to hell playing in the cassette player when Dean leered the car towards the city.

“No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody’s gonna mess me round
Hey satan, payed my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey momma, look at me
I’m on my way to the promised land

I’m on the highway to hell
highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell
highway to hell”


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