Part 4


Supernatural: Dark paths – Episode 2, Something wicked this way comes!

Cabin in the woods

Jody put down the phone and she watched Alex walk towards the sling from the kitchen window and she sat on it and kicked herself to swing. Bee walked from Jody’s room and she tried to sneak past Jody to the front door.

Jody: Are you going to tell me now what trouble you are in?
She asked while drying up plates above the sink.

Bee: I am not in trouble Jody and I am not seventeen either. It has been seven years… I am not a kid anymore.
Jody: I know that Bee but I still worry about you. You didn’t come here by accident did you? You forget that I have seen your act before.

Bee walked and leaned on the table with her arms and behind. She started to tap the table border with her fingers. Jody tilted her head a little when she heard that and she put the plate on the table. She tossed the towel on her shoulder and turned to look Bee in her eyes.

Jody: Like I know you are nervous because you tap your fingers on the table.

Alex kept swinging outside while Jody focused to put Bee through hot coals. Bee of course stopped the finger tapping immediately and she leaned up.

Bee: Jody, I am alright.
Jody: Mmhm…
Jody wasn’t buying any of it.
Bee: I can’t mourn over what has happened. I’ll just ride on and leave the past behind me. Born to be wild you know. Living the life.
Jody: You sound like someone I know and he is as stubborn as you. He is also almost always in trouble or causing it.

It wasn’t a surprise who Jody was thinking on that moment. Who could forget Dean and the big trouble he got in because of the MoC. Jody didn’t want to push Bee away and escape into the hands of the monster that might be out there so for now she decided to give it a rest. She smiled a little.

Jody: But alright. If you say nothing is wrong I believe you…
Bee: Good… I’ll head to see what Alex is doing.
Jody: Keep close by to the cabin… There have been recent reports of attacks by bears.
Bee: Sure thing.

Bee snatched a grape and tossed it in her mouth while she walked out of the door. Jody followed her with her eyes. Bee was almost sure Jody had a weird tone when she said about the bear. She just shrugged it off though because she needed some fresh air. And she could keep an eye on Alex if there was a bear threat.

Bee glanced that she was not followed and she snatched her cell phone and send a fast message to the others to stay put and that she will rendezvous them when she is able. She tugged the phone in the back pocket of her pants while she walked towards Alex.

Bee: Hey Alex. Jody asked that we should stay close to the cabin because of animal attacks.
Alex stopped swinging and there was that look again. Bee narrowed her eyes a bit.
Alex: Asked or ordered?
Bee shrugged a bit.
Alex: Yeah, fine, whatever… It’s not that unusual here though.
Bee: Better be safe than sorry… So, what’s the deal with you and the mother of the year?
Alex: Me and Jody? She gave me a home and all. She is okay, just little over protective sometimes.
Bee: Sounds like her alright. You gave a rather short version though from the story.
Alex: Yeah well… Don’t want to talk about the rest.
Bee: Fine by me. I am not a chatter either. I rather take care of my own business.

Alex swung back and forth slowly with the swing. Bee heard some rustling of the leaves and she looked around while folding her arms. She narrowed her eyes a bit. Alex also glanced sharply the same way but turned her head back when Bee looked at her.

Bee: I really wouldn’t want to be a sitting duck and wait for the bear to attack us.
Alex: I wish I could defend myself too. You don’t know what all is out there.

Bee tapped her right heel few times on the ground and she glanced at Jody’s direction. Alex leaned her shoulders on the robes and she stared at the distance her head tilting on the side. This was probably a very good or a very bad idea she got but for some reason she felt close to Alex. Also she had a feeling she could trust a secret to her if it meant Alex could fight and defend herself.

Bee: I think I have a fairly good idea of that. Alex, do you really want to know how to fight?

Bee asked and stared at Alex like she was seeing right through her.
Alex: Well, yeah… Jody would want me to be a normal teenager like she says but I have seen terrible things… Bad people that hurt others and I could do nothing at all to prevent it.
Bee: I know how you feel. I mean my brother and I, we lived on the streets and we needed to know how to defend ourselves. He taught me everything I know. People have the right to fight for their lives or learn to run if that is the safest thing. The greatest weapon you have is your mind.
Bee touched her temple. Alex stopped swinging and her hair floated with the calm wind while she looked at Bee.

Alex: I… I know it. You know those bad people I mentioned. They kidnapped me from my family. I could do nothing because I was just a kid. I wish I could have.
Bee: Really? You know being a kid is what probably saved you. Sometimes being scared helps you survive. What happened to not telling things?
Alex: I guess I changed my mind… I wish I could have been strong but instead I was lost in to the situation. Switching names… Hah, Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann… They are all the same, hiding behind a name, covering up who I really am.
Bee: Then we will start from that. Those names, whatever names you have had. Don’t let them rule you. You know, where I come from we have a naming tradition. On the streets who we are and what we choose to be called gives us our identity. It protects us. We are reborn with our street names. Maybe that is what you need too? To put it behind you.

Alex was listening to Bee which was a slight miracle. Her life did trouble her but like many people in the world she were hiding it behind being a rebel or just building a wall to cover it.

Alex: Maybe… I feel like I am no-one after what was done… I need to be someone… You mentioned you got a street nickname too, so what do they call you?
Bee: Me? I am TeeBee.
Alex: That sounds cool… Then what would be mine?
Bee: Maybe you should turn your past to something good and put those names to the past at the same time. I don’t know… What you told me about it…

Alex was lost in her thoughts. Bee kept her eyes on her but she was silent. She was giving her space and time to make her own mind. Alex took this seriously and Bee watched everything so closely that time seemed to have slowed down. She could only imagine what was going through Alex’s mind. And finally focus and a smile rose to her lips.

Alex: How about A4?
Bee: Sounds good to me.

Alex tilted her head and she tasted the name. She was considering it and the gist of it made it kind of cool. The names would create something new and unburdened for her but also not forgetting her past.

Alex: I like it.
She glanced at Bee and held her eyes on her.
Alex: You know… I can see it. You act like me. There when I was captive and now I feel numb, dead inside putting up a front. Jody thinks that you are alright and that I am coping but the truth is we are not are we?

There was truth in Alex’s words and Bee was going to give her a witty answer but lying wouldn’t do a world of good.

Bee: I don’t have that luxury A4, now follow me. I need to show you something.

Bethany nudged with her head to the side motioning that they would walk there. Bee headed that way already so Alex stepped off the swing and followed her.

Alex: It sounds like you have needed to do both fighting and running a lot.
Bee: Yeah, sometimes every day was a battle for us.

They headed to the back of the cabin and Bee kneel down on the right side of her old window that was now Alex’s room. She checked the grass on the ground with her hand leaned in and ran her fingers near the wall connecting to the ground. She was searching for something.

Alex: What are you doing?
Bee: I found something when I was staying here. A stash out in the woods. Don’t know who owned it but it had some pretty freaky stuff inside. I moved all of the stuff there closer one day.

Of course there was a little white lie that Bee was saying because it was her stash that was left behind when her brother came to take her but Alex didn’t need to know that and that arsenal was actually useless now for Bee. Maybe she could pass it on for Alex for her to use if she or Jody ever needed it.

Bee: This is something you need to keep a secret for both of our sake. Will you promise me? I mean it Alex. Jody must not know. Specially my part in telling you this.
Alex: Why?
Bee: A4, just promise me.
Alex: Alright, fine. Cross my heart and hope to die.

She made a cross and kissed her right hand fingers while saying it. Bee grinned and took a hold on the cord end that she found. She pulled it up and the cord moved beside the wall and then moved towards Bee turning into a rope. Alex stepped to the side while Bee pulled on the rope and a hatch covering a ground hole slipped away. Under it was a large black duffle bag. Bee brushed her hands together to get the dirt off.

Bee: Take a look.

Alex stepped closer and picked up the bag. She lowered it down and opened the zipper spreading the bag wide open. She picked up the items a bit up to see what was there; the hip flask with a cross on it, small glass bottle that seemed to have blood in it, wooden stakes, shotgun, pistols, silver daggers, long bow. She knew immediately what the bag was. It belonged to a hunter.

Bee: Like I said. I know the weapons but the person has had some weird activities and then some. I mean… Hip flask having only water inside? I was sure at that age that I had found alcohol and not water in it.

Jody had gotten their breakfast ready and she walked outside. The girls were nowhere to be found. Bee picked up the flask and handed it to Alex. Alex took it and stared at the cross. Holy water stashed close by where they live. What are the odds? Maybe the stash was Jody’s?

Alex: Weird huh?
Jody: Alex?! Bethany?! Breakfast!

Both heard the yell and Alex stuffed the flask to her jacket pocket. Jody was walking around the cabin already and Alex stood up and ran around and almost bumped into Jody. Jody was worried when she didn’t hear an answer for her yell but that all went away when Alex ran from behind the corner to her.

Alex: We were thinking to eat outside! Can we?
Jody: Wait, what? Slow down.
Alex: She is telling me about her adventures. Please, can I snatch the breakfast outside?
Jody: Hmph, well alright. Just this time. Stay close to the cabin you hear?
Alex: Sure thing!
Jody glanced behind Alex searching Bee with her eyes.
Jody: Everything alright there Bethany?!
Bee: Yeah, yeah, never better!

Alex ran inside the house and picked up the tray and their breakfast on it. Jody had followed her in and she sat on the couch staring at the table which had a lot of paper work.

Jody: Call me if you need me. I need to take care of this paper work meanwhile. Bills will be the death of me some day.
Alex: We won’t bother you.


Sam and Dean suited up and checked the precinct. Of course they checked updates to the case but they also asked information about the gas station brawl. None of the men that were beat up had reported it so they had no clue. They were balancing with the new case and Bee’s and it felt it was tipping to focus on Bee’s side. They really wanted to put her down. Dean seemed pretty agitated about it. They did find out though where the children were staying.

Bee was waiting in front of the duffle bag while Alex walked fast out of the cabin and to her. She lowered the breakfast tray on a tree stump. Bethany had already picked up a dagger, Tomahawk Desert Fox longbow and SMITH & WESSON MODEL 41 semi-automatic pistol out of the bag. Nowadays she preferred Colt M1911 if she needed to use a handgun. She checked the pistol, the magazine, the aiming and all seemed good.

Alex: You really know how to use this stuff?
Bee: Yes, and you can too but it takes practice. It wasn’t easy when my big brother was breathing down my neck. You want me to show you few tricks? You can decide then if you want to practice them after that.

Alex was exited even though she knew Jody wouldn’t be happy about this. She nodded to Bee. Bethany picked up the longbow and handed it to Alex with the arrows. The leaves ruffled in the distance and Bee glanced to the forest. Her skin was crawling. “It better be freaking wind only or so help me…” she muttered quietly.

Alex: What did you say?
Bee: Nothing… Remember, Jody is no fool so we better keep quiet.
Alex: Okay… What do you want me to do?
Bee: Let me show you. You are right handed so take a hold from the long bow with your left hand. Dominant eye is usually right so close down left and use it to aim. Take a good posture. Right leg little bit back but so that you have straight target line with the bow.

Alex did every step as she was instructed. Bee adjusted A4’s stance by resting her hands on her waist and moved her with them to the right position. She was acting a bit like a big sister being a teacher but she was doing it gently.

Bee: Have the bow facing the ground with your arrow notched. Then draw your bow as you bring it up to your face. Draw the string hand towards your face to an “anchor point”. Make sure you do not hold it too long or you will put a lot of strain on your arm. Take a deep breath. Finally when you release just let go of it with your fingers.

Bee stepped behind Alex and was like a shadow resting on her back. They shot the first arrow together to the dead tree nearby. They repeated this for a few times before Bee lowered the bow back down with Alex.

Bee: The sport longbows do almost everything for you. Using this bow you need to count the wind, feel the bow and let it be the extension instrument of your body. If something is off you need to notice it yourself. You need to take effort to make the bow work for you. Also if you are hunting use a broad head arrow for it like we have now.


From the precinct they found out that the children had been taken to stay with their uncle that lived close by so they visited the idyllic middle class house. Dean steered the Impala in front of the house and he stopped a moment leaning on the wheel. Bee’s bloody parting gift flashed in his mind.

Sam: Dean?
Dean: I can’t forget the teeth box Sammy.
Sam: Yeah, me neither, but we will get her.
Dean: If you say so… Now, let’s do this before we grow old.

Sam seemed to have similar thoughts and he glanced at his brother when they stepped out of the car. They talked to the uncle and to the children but they find out nothing new. Well, that is not the whole truth. They got little more details how the monster looked but it was really vague. The children were hugging the uncle the whole time as they were still scared from the incident.

Alex stiffened a bit when she mentioned hunting. Bee would have sounded like a serial killer if Alex didn’t know about her rough street life. That little flinch did not go un-noticed though.

Bee: But it is not that much for defense if you don’t use the bow itself in close combat. Bow and pistol is defense if you know someone is coming to hurt you and you don’t want them to get close. Now let’s try the pistol.

Bee picked the gun up and did the same checking like before. She checked the pistol, the magazine, the aiming.

Bee: Shooting with a handgun requires balance, technique, and practice. Always keep it pointed downrange when you rack the slide or when you are handling the gun. Check always if the gun is loaded when you pick it up. Keep a firm grip on the gun just so that your hand is not shaking.

Bee walked behind Alex and handed the gun to her. She repeated what she showed by holding on Alex’s arms and hands so she was learning it all at the same time.

Bee: Keep your thumbs on the handle when your other hand balances the gun so that the slider won’t hit your thumbs. Take a proper stance.

Bee moved Alex’s hips with her hands and used her foot to guide her legs. Alex tried to talk and almost moved the gun dangerously towards them at the same time. Bee gripped her wrist to hold it in place.

Bee: Remember where to point it and keep your finger away from the trigger guard. When all is ready load the gun keeping the safety on, aim and align the front sight with the rear sight and release the safety then pull the trigger with calm breathing and follow through the moment.

The gun clicked and Alex followed Bee’s guiding. They repeated the whole procedure again a few times.

Bee: Now, after shooting. Make sure the gun is always safe and unloaded. If you are not shooting. Keep the safety on.
Alex: Cool… I mean will do!

Alex put the safety on. Kept the barrel away from herself and checked the gun. Then she handed it back to Bee who put it back to the duffle bag and she picked up the dagger. She closed the bag and put the cover into place over the hole.

Bee stood up holding the dagger. She ran her finger on the blade and then she lift up her eyes and peered to the distance. She couldn’t shake this feeling that somebody or something was watching them.

Bee: After everything I still like hand-to-hand combat the most. Physical fights. Sometimes it was just to release the anger or any other feeling I might have had. I even hit Jody when she came to get me out from jail. I hit her twice but she didn’t get angry. She didn’t give up on me.

Alex stared at Bee who fixed her posture as she had told something that she rarely did. That made her vulnerable.

Bee: On that moment I realized that even if my anger gave me strength it made me vulnerable. Emotions don’t belong to a fight. But for me I like to get up close and personal. To see the eyes. When your head is in the fight you will know when you need to hit or run.
Alex: So play it smart and you might live to see another day, that’s it?
Bee: In short, yes. So, I will be the attacker with a knife and then without to show you some basic fighting moves. Ready? Remember, stance is the key to everything.
Alex: I’m ready.


The Impala rolled to the Pine wheel gas station. They went inside and talked to the cashier. They were lucky because he was the one that was working when the fist fight happened. He told what he saw. That a woman that seemed to have super powers kicked the ass of men larger than her size. They also found out that she wasn’t alone. The cashier had seen a van leaving with her but not who was driving it.

Sam: So, now she has a pack?
Dean: If she is gathering more of those monsters we need to put an end to it.
Sam: I wonder why she didn’t kill those guys?
Dean: Who knows. Maybe they were just lucky or she didn’t want to have the spotlight on her ass.

The clouds rumbled above their heads and the wind was getting stronger. Whole day had signs that predicted lousy weather ahead. Dean looked up and got back in the car. Sam stepped in too and they drove off.

Bee first taught Alex to block her attacks with the dagger. She explained every move, counter attack and she taught the basic and easiest moves for defending and attacking, to immobilize the attacker. She put the dagger away to her boot and then it was hand-to-hand combat time. Due time it turned into a game and they both were smiling and laughing.

Jody had come out little while ago and she saw the end of their training and she was going to say something about it but then she saw and heard their smiles and laughter. She leaned to the wall and folded her arms.

Alex slumped to sit on the ground and she grabbed the breakfast bread that was on the tray. Both were out of breath and Bee sat also down. She picked up the glass of orange juice and drank it whole. After she lowered the glass down she leaned her back on the tree.

Bee: You did well. Maybe there is hope for you yet.
Alex: Gee, thanks.
She said grabbing some leaves from the ground and tossing them at Bethany.

Alex: You know… It wasn’t that hard and if I continue to practice…
Bee: It is not easy. Not by a long shot but practice and you will be able to defend yourself.
Alex: You know… Hand-to-hand combat felt, I don’t know… Little bit like dancing.
Bee: It is. In a way. My brother wouldn’t agree though even though I saw it as asset. Also dancing was my escape from the situation we were in. I think He hated it because it clouded my mind. But it is good to have something you love to do to make days little better.
Alex: You? Like dancing? Haha.
She laughed because she couldn’t imagine someone like Bee enjoying dancing.

Alex: You are kidding right?
Bethany rolled her eyes at Alex.
Alex: Not kidding, wow, really?
Bee: Yes, I had one thing I do for fun. So sue me. The dancers what I saw while living on the street belonged to a totally different world than me. I could never really be one.
Alex: Were you any good?
Bee: Don’t know. It was never important to me.
Alex: Show me?
Bee: I usually did it alone when nobody was watching…
Alex: I hid myself in books… You know when I was held captive. If yours was dancing I would like to see how you let it all out. Sounds better than books at least.
Bee: Alright, but just this one time and laughing is not allowed.

Jody turned so that she was hidden behind the corner when Bee stood up and picked up her phone from her pocket. With a flick of her thumb she picked up a song and pressed it to start on right spot. She lowered it on the tree stump and stretched her neck strolling a bit like a caked animal. Then she step danced to the beat spreading her legs and in one swift movement dropped her jacket down from her shoulders to her hands and tossed it to the side.

Bee was not kidding. Her dancing was strong but strict and it was like she was making up the choreography in her mind while she danced. She followed every beat of Journey’s Don’t stop believing combining street dance and show dance. Bee really did put her whole passion and package to it.

Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin’ anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on, and on, and on

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights, people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’
Streetlights, people

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on
Streetlights, people

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’
Streetlights, people

Alex stood up and walked beside her. She tried to mimic the movements and she didn’t do half bad but her own dancing made her laugh out loud and she was leaning on her knees. Bee took a hold on her hand pulling her up, spun her around fast few times like they were dancing and she bend Alex in the end. She was also finally smiling and then laughing when she leaned her back up. Also the song was ending on that point.

Alex: That was so cool!

Jody smiled and applauded stepping out to the clear view. Bee turned immediately serious on her face and she walked to retrieve and pick up her jacket and her phone. She closed the player. Did she look embarrassed?

Jody: Bee, that was great. Sorry, I heard the music and…

Bee stared at Jody and put on the jacket. She glanced at Alex and then back at Jody and then she slowly smiled again. That was the first time Jody saw a genuine smile from Bee towards her and Bee actually seemed happy and really having a good time for the first time ever as long as she has known her.

Bee: Yeah, I was teaching Alex some moves.
Jody: I saw that.
Jody: Alex, grab the tray and I’ll make us some popcorn. We could watch a movie or play board games. I got my work done.
Alex: Can’t wait…

She sounded sarcastic when she picked up the tray but then she burst again into laughter. The bad weather was also catching up on them and the wind had started to blow. It caught the leaves on the ground, their clothes, hair, the branches of the trees. Clouds were also gathering up. While they were heading inside still laughing Bee felt something was going to go really wrong. She eyed around and stared at the forest backing away from it. Now she was sure they were watched.

The noises that caught her ears also were not reassuring and while she was guiding Alex with her arm towards the cabin door she finally turned around. She was so focused to the forest that she didn’t hear the Impala closing in and just when she turned Sam and Dean pulled over and stood up from the car. They held on to the doors and were smiling as they saw Jody and Alex but then their smile froze and both pulled out their pistols when they saw who was with them and pointed their gun at Bee.

Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. Bee’s face stiffened and she gripped a hold to Alex pulling her in front of her. She snatched the dagger that she had hidden and rested it on Alex’s throat. Jody also smiled but then she saw what the boys were doing and Bee and her face turned from happy to disbelief and then to cop mode when she held her eyes on all four.

Alex: What?..
Bee: I won’t hurt you. Trust me.
She whispered fast to Alex close by her ear while keeping her as human shield.

Dean: Oh, you son of a bitch!
Sam: Let her go!
Jody: Put your guns  and dagger down! All of you! Now!

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