Cut to the bone

Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

Cut to the bone

Everything was quiet, on this moment maybe too quiet. Impala was rolling forward within speed limits. Sam was driving but he was tense. He was looking at the side mirror and the rear view mirror. Castiel was still on the back seat cradling Claire that had fallen asleep. Castiel’s focus wasn’t on her though because his eyes were focused on the passenger’s seat which he guarded with worried expression.

Dean was leaning his head on the window with his bloodied face. He was watching the rain drops flow down on the surface of the window. His eyes were staring blankly at the street lights and the passing front lights of incoming cars. Few cop cars also drove by with lights and siren on.

Sam glanced at Dean. He had pulled his brother up from the floor and out of the house. Dean had totally frozen up and gone into shock so Sam needed to push and pull him to the Impala and get him in the car. After he opened the door he slammed it shut after Dean was secured inside. Cas also was already in with Claire by that time.

A flash of light hit Dean’s face and everything flashed what had happened through his eyes, the cold and swift precision in which way he killed the people in the house. Dean grunted in pain and he gripped the mark on his arm with gritted teeth. Cas stiffened on the back seat ready to act if something happened. Sam looked at Dean and he made a slight nod to the opposite side of the road with his steering. He got immediately warned by a car horn that made him fix the cars trajectory.

Sam: Dean, DEAN? You alright?

Dean was leaning to the back of the seat and he was hanging his head. He had total defeat shadowing his face and he was ashamed. Sam didn’t get an answer but he felt with his whole being the crush when he saw his big brother broken like this. He should have known. Dean was pretending… no wanting to be alright. So his brother was doing everything what he usually did but took them over the top. And he had wanted Dean to be alright. He didn’t want to see that his brother was drowning.

Sam slapped the wheel with his right hand and closed his eyes. He gathered himself with a slow breath as this was no time for him to lose it. Cas glanced at Sam.

Sam: Hey Dean? You want to listen some Metallica while we drive?
Dean stayed silent.
Sam: Dean, you want some music? I can put also some country on.
Dean blinked a moment and then turned his head.
Dean: Huh, what? Country music? You know that Baby deserves only classic rock Sammy.
Sam: So, Metallica?

Dean nodded and Sam picked up and pressed the cassette into the player. Sam focused back on the road while Dean leaned back and closed his eyes while listening to the song that was playing. At least the music seemed to calm him down a bit. Sam was glad he got Dean to say something but he also was feeling quite numb himself.

Rest of the way went in total silence while the music was playing. Cas still kept on eye on Dean and Sam made worried glances also on his direction. When Sam parked close to the bunker and they were at the end of the line Cas picked up sleeping Claire in his arms and he head forward while Dean and Sam got out of the car.

Dean walked after Cas and Sam held the rear. His eyes never left his brother who was walking hands in his pockets and head slumped down. Sam was thinking the best way to talk, to say something to his brother, but he didn’t know how to start that conversation.
The whole silent train got in the bunker and Cas head to take Claire to one of the quest rooms. He looked pretty fatherly with Claire on his arms.

Cas: She can sleep here for tonight. I will guard her door.
Sam: You do that Cas. We will see later and decide what happens tomorrow.

Cas nodded and Dean was heading towards his room also as Cas vanished into the corridor. Sam glanced at him and he was going to do again what he normally did and that was hold his tongue and not say anything. But not this time because they needed to deal with this so Sam opened his mouth before Dean could escape.

Sam: Dean, you are not in this alone. We will take care of it.
Dean stopped on his tracks but he still couldn’t face his little brother’s eyes.
Sam: It was not your fault.
Dean: That is where you are wrong… My actions led to this. Everything I did.
Sam: You didn’t want to kill those guys.
Dean: Yes, I did… I mean… On that moment I did.
Sam looked perplexed while he stared at his brother.
Sam: But it was the mark not you…
Dean: Yes, the mark…
Dean was not making a lot of sense at the moment. He couldn’t even look Sam in the eyes.
Dean: I am sorry about everything Sam… Gadreel… The things before that and after and what I am going to do.
Dean walked away and vanished to the corridor.
Sam: What do you mean by that? Dean… DEAN?!
Sam walked fast after him because he was not going to let his brother escape the conversation this time.
Dean: Sam, I’m heading to shower. Let it go.

Dean slammed the door shut and Sam rested his hand on the surface frustrated. Dean leaned his back on the door and rested the back of his head on it too. He closed his eyes and various thoughts invaded his mind. That he needed to wash this blood off of him and get drunk. So very Dean like when it came to coping what he had done. Meanwhile worried Sam walked back to the library.

2 Responses to Cut to the bone

  1. Cheryl42 says:

    Very well done Lilah. I hope the opening scene in Jan. goes something like that.

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