Obscure Reality

Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

Obscure Reality

It was a beautiful summer day. Dean was resting on the hood of the Impala arms behind his head and sunglasses over his eyes. He had parked the car beside the beach on the shade of the tree. Sam had gone to errands with Castiel so Dean had decided to get some deserved R&R. He was staring up to the blue sky and the birds that were circling there among the slowly moving small clouds.

His foot was tapping to the beat of the “We will rock you” by Queen. The black metal of the cover was getting pretty hot. The beach was a sunny contrast with its sand, the colorful people and the clear blue water. So, everything was dandy in Dean-land or so it seemed.

The perfect moment was interrupted by loud hand drumming on the hood beside Dean what made him jump up from the peaceful slumber and slide down the hood. He leaned on to the hood with his hand and snatched off the sun glasses.

Dean: Ruby? What the hell are you doing?
Ruby: Don’t be such a grumpy pants Dean. I came to fetch you for lunch. It is our one month anniversary.
Dean: Lunch… What kind of lunch? Hamburger dipped in cyanide or beer filled with house cleaner? Yeah, Purgatory misses you for sure.
Ruby: Now, now Dean. We talked about this. We are turning a new leaf and trying to live with one another. I thought we were all over the freeing Lucifer stuff.

Ruby walked beside Dean and lift herself to sit on the hood. That gesture might have gotten a low growl from Dean.

Dean: Only because you promised to stay away from Sam. Get off the hood!
Ruby: Fine spoil sport! Now, I have the perfect place for us.
Dean: I am so going to regret this…

Ruby slid off the hood and walked forward. Dean turned off the radio and closed the doors. Then he ran after the “Hell in heels”. Ruby walked to the small snack restaurant Big 3 near the street corner beside the beach. Dean continued to be not impressed.

Dean: Short order hell… That is what I need. Awesome.
Ruby snapped her fingers and two waiters came out with their order.
Ruby: Sit.
She pointed at the chair.
Ruby: I give you triple cheese bacon burger, with two El Burro beers in one price and as dessert triple taste pie with hand whipped cream. For me, ketchup and bigger fries.

She introduced all the food and then span her chair around sitting on it with spread legs. Dean sat and stared at her and the food. It smelled like heaven. Ruby grinned and picked up the ketchup. She squeezed the bottle and used a plate to catch the ketchup. She wiped the cork with her finger and tasted the ketchup from her finger.

Ruby: Mmmm, I love it.
She started to dip the fries to the plate while she leaned to the back of the chair with her arms.
Ruby: Dig in grumpy.
Dean made a bitch face but the food did smell too good. He didn’t give in immediately though.
Ruby: Did I tell you that their hamburger was voted the best of the state this year.
Dean’s belly growled and he groaned.
Ruby: I won’t tell anyone. Come on. Eat.

Dean dug in and clipped the cork off the beer bottle with the table corner. Taking a bite from the burger and a gulp from the beer made him give out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Dean: So, why are you eating fries? Demons don’t need to eat.
Ruby: That’s totally racist. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them. At least I taste it and I don’t have flavor ageusia like your angel pal.
Dean: Don’t get all riled up. It was just a question. And that leads us to my next question. Why are you doing this, huh? What’s your gain? I guess totally pissing me off might be the reason and it is working.
Ruby: Well, team Lucifer didn’t work so I want to know how is team Michael or rather his vessel.

Dean almost choked to the piece of the hamburger that was going down his throat.

Dean: You… What… huh?
Ruby: Heh, cat cut your tongue?

She took another bite to a frie and lifted her legs up to the chair next to her. The look on Dean’s face was priceless and she smirked a bit.

Dean: I will not give in that easily Ruby.
Ruby: We have the whole day for that James Dean. I am just getting started.

And she wasn’t lying. They ate at first and then Dean bought some extra beers to enjoy the sunny day trying to forget the company he was with. They both were talking a long while or passing snark and it looked like naval battle between ships. But they were talking.

After the long lunch they went to a walk. Dean was still hungry so he ate ice cream and then cotton candy. They watched street dancers that were not that bad and bike tricksters. Few hours went sitting on the concrete fence Dean looking at the girls skating and walking by and Ruby probably thinking how he can make a life a living hell to every last one.

By the time the sun was going down they were walking on the beach and talking about normal stuff. Ruby loosed her jacket and swung it over her shoulder. Dean held his hands in his jacket pockets and he was laughing. The sand was actually soft under their feet. They were finally at the Impala and Dean leaned on the hood.

Ruby: Was that so bad?
Dean: Yeah, I guess your right…

He shrugged and stared at her. Ruby stepped closer and put her arms left and right side of him and leaned closer. Dean leaned back and his look were even more priceless.

Dean: What are you doing?
Ruby: Tasting you.
Dean: Hold on! Hold on!!

Ruby leaned closer and just when she would have kissed him Dean screamed like in that one time when he had ghost sickness and screamed because of the cat. He woke up on the hood of the Baby and he slid down. Sam and Castiel had arrived just a moment ago and they were staring at him because of the scream.

Sam: You alright dude?
Dean: Yeah… Was having the worst nightmare of my life. Brrrr!

He shivered with his whole body and leaned on the hood with his arms.

Castiel: I thought he dreams always about strippers and pie?
Dean: Professional performers Cas! Professional performers!
Sam: Speaking of that, I ordered you triple cheese bacon burger, with two beers in one price and as dessert triple taste pie with hand whipped cream from that ward winning restaurant. Sounds good doesn’t it?
Dean: Oh hell no. Get in the car. Both of you.
Sam: But Dean.
Dean: Get in the car!
Castiel: I will never understand this.

Castiel stepped in the car and as clueless Sam too. Dean pressed the petal to the metal while turning the radio on and drove off.

2 Responses to Obscure Reality

  1. leah says:

    Hi Lilah. That was a fun little story! Thanks. The “it was all a dream” fake-out with the little twist at the end. πŸ™‚

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