Shades of Trepidation

Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

Shades of Trepidation

The boys entered a dark cold hallway that wreaked of fear and death. Dean was walking at the front as usual and Sam was having his back. He held his gun and flashlight like he usually did and Sam followed his lead. They could hardly see anything because it was that dark. All the light had vanished when they descended the stairs. Also the air was very moist and Dean held his nose regularly because of the smell.

Dean: Whose great idea was to follow the… Well, whatever that was in here? He whispered and when Sam was going to say it was Dean’s great idea he got a look from Dean and he hissed: “Shut it Sammy!” Sam made a bitch face at Dean and then he looked past him and pointed at it.

Sam: What’s that?

In front of them was a metallic door that was only little bit open.

Sam: Are you sure he went this way? The door looks like it hasn’t been moved for a century.
Dean He went this way Sam… Now help me with the door!

Sam sighed and put away his gun and the flashlight. Dean held on to his when he leaned to the door with his shoulder. Sam used his arms on the door and he pushed also with his legs. The door was actually pretty aged to move at all so their boots slid on the ground when they tried to push it open leaving slide marks on the moist dust and sand.

Finally they got the door moving and it whined on its hinges when it slowly opened. Dean had the smiling face of a lottery winner when the door was opening but he needed to swiftly hold his bearings when the door suddenly gave in under them. A blast of dust hit their faces and it made them cough and sneeze. Sam wiped his face to his sleeve and Dean wiped his face to his shirt. Sam already had his gun drawn but the hallway was just empty and pitch black.

Dean moved his flashlight through the cobwebs that was covering the doorway and he stepped in. He was experiencing slight vertigo while he walked but he left it as a result of thin air down there. Sam stepped in and he got the same thing. He shook his head a bit to get it clear. They heard spiders and bugs skittering on the walls to hide to the cracks of the tiles.

Sam: Dean, I think we should retreat. Something doesn’t feel right.
Dean: Don’t be a scary cat. It’s just the thin air if you mean the vertigo.
Sam: No Dean. We must leave. Now!

He grabbed Dean’s arm and tried to pull him out but as both were already inside the door that was heavy and almost rusted in place slammed shut. Sam jumped beside Dean and stared at the door and Dean was right behind him. A swift wind blew past them and they turned around. It looked like there was a figure in the darkness in front of them but when Sam pointed the flashlight to it the thing vanished or wasn’t there. Their lights flickered and they turned off leaving the boys in the darkness.

Dean: Great… Now what…

Dean held onto Sam’s arm and both were trying not to make any sounds to alert their presence there to whatever was hunting them now. They heard a girl quietly giggle which then echoed around them. Then it got quiet again. All sounds were gone until they heard a screeching sound getting louder in the distance. Again something giggled and flashed in the darkness.

Girl: You are all going to die down here.

They heard the whisper that chilled their bones and froze their body. Dean yelled and started to wave frantically around him with his arms. Nothing was attacking him but he seemed to panic. Sam tried to grab a hold on him but he glanced at his hand and he saw the demon blood flow in his veins like they would not be in the darkness anymore. He also screamed “No-No-No!” and he tried to scratch his skin open. He felt the blood going around his body and he slammed himself to the wall and rolled on it.

Dean was having his own fight against the whispers of the mark as he tried to slap those whispers away. Cold sweat was forming on his forehead and his skin was in goose bumps and not the good kind.

Dean: Sam? Sammy?!

Both boys were fighting things that were not there. They both acted like lunatics, Sam trying to scratch his skin off and Dean shooting and trying to fight the whispers. Whatever was frightening them came to its climax and both screamed at the same time falling on their knees. They were covering their face with their arms.

Sam moved his arms away first. He was standing in a corridor where there was glass doors on the left side and curtains that were blowing to the hallway because of the wind. Everything else was black and Dean had vanished.

Sam: Dean!

Sam walked cautiously forward eyeing left to right when he saw a figure walking from the darkness and between the moving curtains. First he didn’t see who she was but she was wearing white evening gown. Everything felt like it moved in slow motion in this place. The person was close enough soon so he could see who it was and for his surprise it was Ruby. Sam tried to step back and his face was horrified but his hands instead moved forward to take her hand and he moved his other arm around her. And believe it or not, they started to slow dance forward in the hallway.

Sam had no control on what he was doing. He even liked it. They were dancing and moving like they had danced for many years. Spinning around and eyes locked to one another. Sam dipped Ruby backwards and his hair fell over his face from the sides. He ran his hand over her leg and lifted her slowly up.

Sam: I…
Ruby: Shhh…

Dean on the other hand found himself in hell. The scare was equally visible on his face and through the fires came his tormentor. Abaddon walked towards him with her black evening dress and those red flaming locks. Dean tried to take fighting position but he was already shackled to a torturing pole.

Dean: No-no-no! You son of a bitch!
Abaddon: You and me, lover. We’ll have a grand old time. Like I promised.

And she started to carve him with the dagger she had in her hand. She also taunted him with images what she would do with his body while possessing him. He did what he did the first time he landed in hell and he yelled for the only person he knew was out there. The one he knew would hear him.

Dean: SAM!!

Sam heard Dean’s scream in a distant sound and he got his focus back a bit. Ruby saw that and leaned to kiss him to try to bring him back to the moment. The kiss was great, more than great but it didn’t fool Sam and he pushed her away and fought loose from her.

Sam: You are not real!

Dean’s head hang from the torture and Abaddon was moving for the kill. She pulled his shirt from the collar and she burned the mark off with her hand. Dean screamed and Abaddon smoked out and entered his mouth. The feeling of her rumbling inside him was like his body would have been torn apart. His shackles vanished he stepped forward. He was walking forward in a daze and he was hearing her whispers all the time. Dean was fighting against it but slowly he was moving towards the flames that waited him.

Sam backed away from Ruby that had turned to look twisted on her face and she was like a ghost that was hiding in the shadows. She was advancing towards him.

Sam: That’s far enough!

Sam pulled his gun and aimed at her. He shot the thing a few times and yelled even louder for Dean. His hallucination broke to pieces the moment he shot her and he saw Dean walking towards the fire in the distance. He sprinted like the devil was behind him to aid his brother.

Sam: Dean… Dean!.. DEAN!

He yelled and dived forward to grip his shoulder. Dean finally heard Sam yell for him through the veil. He immediately fought stronger against the possession and when Sam got a hold on him Abaddon blasted out and she looked as twisted as Ruby. She advanced towards the boys and Ruby joined her on her side. While they walked they emerged to one being and the boys were backing up. They lifted their weapons and shoot at the “ghost” but that only seemed to piss it off. So it charged at the boys. They turned to cover their faces when the being brushed over them and suddenly everything went quiet and they were outside on a field with no recollection how they got there.

Both looked out of balance as they spin around checking their surroundings. Dean thought about a little while the rain was pouring on them and he suddenly grabbed his jacket and shirts off and tossed them on the grass. He brushed his hand over his tattoo to check that it was still there and then he ran to Sam and pulled his jacket and shirt off.

Sam: Dean, what the hell?
Dean: The powder! Wash it off. It wasn’t dust!

Sam saw the bluish powder on his clothes. Dean brushed his face and hair with the rain water and his hands and Sam did the same. Slowly the vertigo feeling was going away. Sam was feeling it too. Both were shocked by their experience even if it wasn’t real and they were left to stare at one another on the field.

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