Vestige of Partiality

Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

Vestige of Partiality

It had been a weird case. A play about their lives? Sam still couldn’t believe it. All through the night they drove and Sam couldn’t sleep. He kept staring at the fake amulet that hung on the rear view mirror with folded hands. Sometimes the passing car lights hit to the amulet. Sam was thinking everything and nothing. Dean was focused and held his eyes on the road.

Finally they drove to familiar parking place outside the bunker. Morning sun was coming up the horizon when the boys stepped out of the car. Dean yawned and head inside.
Dean: I don’t care even if we are called by someone that would want the Ghostbusters I will hit the sack. Don’t wake me up Sammy!

He yelled when he vanished to the bunker. Sam smiled a bit and then stretched his back and arms up and side to side. He yawned too a bit and as it seemed the weather was great and grass and trees were glimmering from morning dew he walked a bit to the side of the road and to the field.

Sam looked around a bit and he saw a big rock under a tree. He walked to it and hoisted himself up to sit on it. The wind was softly playing with his hair while he closed his eyes and listened his surroundings a bit. Nature was also waking up from its sleep. Sam sighed and opened his eyes to watch the sunrise.

Finally he touched his chest and blinked a bit. Then he seemed to remember and he reached into his jacket pocket with smile on his face. He took out the real amulet dangling from his fingers and catching the sun rays on it. He didn’t admit it but it had meant a lot to Sam Dean hanging the fake amulet on the mirror. Sam understood the gesture. So why didn’t he say to Dean he has the real one? Or give it back to him?

In some ways Sam was still scared that Dean would not want it back but also when Sam had picked it up from the trash he wanted to keep it because it belonged to Dean. He wanted to keep it for hope as hope and faith is what Dean represents for him. It also changed to represent hope in bad times. What ever obstacles they faced the amulet was with Sam. He wanted to keep hope for both of them when his brother had none.

Usually Sam was keeping the amulet on his neck but after the gooey god he needed to clean him and everything else from the purple goo. He forgot he had put it in his pocket. It is weird that for a second he felt the loss. That he had misplaced it somewhere. Dean would probably tease him to high heaven for having it. But Sam knew that when it was perfect time to give it to Dean he would. He would when the time was right.

Sam smiled again and put the amulet again around his neck and under his shirt. He started to whistle a tune while staring to the distance.
Dean: Are you coming slow poke? Don’t you think I didn’t saw you doing Sleepless in Seattle while I was driving back?

Dean had appeared back to the door because Sam had took his time and he didn’t come right after him. Of course he was worried like usually. Sam turned his head and slid down from the rock.

Sam: Yes mother!
Dean: Yeah, yeah! You know I don’t want to carry your lame ass inside if you pass out! You weight a ton!
Sam: What do you mean: “I weight a ton?!”.

Dean had vanished again from the doorway and Sam shook his head. He put his hands to his pockets and walked back to the bunker. He gave one last glance to the sunrise.

4 Responses to Vestige of Partiality

    • Lilah Kane says:

      Glad you liked it. I was in a pickle because I needed to think why it was in his pocket and why he keeps it for himself. Getting into Sam’s head space was the tough part.

  1. Leah says:

    Very nice Lilah. I think you captured what many of us fans hope is what happened and it will be revealed someday. 🙂

  2. Lilah Kane says:

    I hope so too. We will see right? Glad you liked it. 🙂

    – Lilah

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