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Supernatural shorts aka SuperPithy

Wee Sized World

Dean: Cas, it was an accident alright? I told you I would clean it. We both said we would.

Cas stepped out of the backseat of his pimp mobile and he slammed the door shut. Dean got up right behind him and he seemed to be covered up with coke. Sam got up from the passenger seat and he was covered in soda too. It actually looked like the boys had had a cat fight on the front seat.

Sam: Cas, I’m sorry. Dean tried to poke me in my ear and I had the soda and…
Cas: Enough!

Cas turned around just before heading down to the bunker.

Cas: Dean, you wanted junk food and complained because your car was having paint to dry up.
Dean: Did he just call my Baby only a car?

Dean whispered to Sam and Sam waved his hand to drop it. This was not the place nor the time.

Cas: I offered to help and… What did you say?
Dean: Me? No, nothing?

Cas narrowed his eyes and he clearly was not amused.

Cas: And then you decide… Well, how do you say… Pull Sam’s leg while you insist on driving!
Dean: Cas, it was just little bit of soda. We can clean it away easily.

Now Sam was waving his hand with grand gesture to Dean. Cas seemed to have pretty bad day because he was fuming. Or you could call the angel being fire and brim stones. Dean chuckled but he realized his mistake just seconds before a zap happened.

Dean felt his head was spinning when he stood up from the ground and Sam was holding his head. It felt like they were zapped into a jungle with weird grass around them. The voices were loud and they could hear loud buzzing. Dean glanced at the trees or were they even trees. Whole thing seemed weird.

Dean: What the hell…
Sam: I told you to drop it Dean!
Dean: What?.. What?! This is not saying to drop it. You were waving your hand Sammy!

Dean mimicked Sam’s hand wave with grand and exaggerating manner. Sam made a bitch face but that didn’t last long because he needed to roll to the side and out of the way of a giant shoe that would have squashed him. His face was as surprised as Dean’s while they watched the shoe go up. Both glanced at one another when they realized it. Cas had shrunk Sam and Dean down to the size of a grain of sand.

Dean: Son of a bitch! Cas! This is not funny!

He yelled upwards but even that was cut off to a sharp girlish scream that Sam made. That actually made Dean stop in his tracks, turn his head to look at his brother and stare at him with wide eyes.

Dean: What’s up with you?

Sam leaned to his knees and then pointed out the figure close by half buried in dirt. It was hiding in shadows, beaten by air and water and grown with mold but still you could make out what it was, a small clown figurine or huge one at the moment. It still had the annoyingly scary face that Sam had learned to fear.

Dean: Oh hey, that looks familiar. I wondered where I lost that.
Sam: Why would you have a clown miniature?

Dean made a funny smirk and then Sam got it. Probably to tease him.

Sam: Dean!
Dean: What?!
Sam: Nevermind… How do we get out of this situation. You know this is all your fault right?
Dean: How is it my fault? You held the soda!

Castiel was eyeing at the grass and then he checked his wrist watch. He just wanted to learn the boys a lesson and he whistled while few drops of rain fell from the sky. The whistle made both brothers cover their ears and the drops of water were like cannon fire that fell on them. Dean pulled Sam from his jacket sleeve just when a drop fell on the place he had stood just a second ago and they ran between the grass trying to find shelter.

Dean: Remind me to kill him if we survive this!

Sam grunted his answer while they were dodging the grass and running forward. It didn’t help at all that the ground under their feet had started to rumble and they could hardly stand. Dean was actually tossed aside when a giant common earthworm moved up from the dirt and hit Dean while it was moving like a dolphin in the moist dirt. Dean hit his back on a rough grass leaf and fell on his behind and he felt dizzy from the impact.

Sam: DEAN!

The ground still shook but not from the worm. It had moved forward not even noticing the two intruders in its world. Sam ran to Dean and gripped his jacket to pull him up. That made Dean snap out of it just in time when the rumbling got again worse. This was more like a herd of horses running towards them. Sam and Dean both looked behind them and finally saw the grass moving and what was coming after them.

Dean: Move! Move!!

They sprinted again even if the mud and wet clothes must have made it hard but what was after them was worse. Soldier ants and there was a lot of them. They might have seen the duo already or maybe not. Still it was not safe to stay there and they needed to ran for their lives.

The ants were gaining up on them no matter how hard they were running. Sam saw a branch and a huge rock in front of them and he ran straight to it. Dean followed and climbed like a monkey to it passing even Sam on his way to the highest top.

Dean: What is this? Bugs? I feel like Johnny at the surface of Planet P!
Sam: Well, you once said: “Don’t piss off the nerd angel.” We seem to have learned nothing.

Sam said and followed him up. It was clear that the rock was not high enough. Sam eyed around and started to gather moss and leaves. Anything that could burn at the middle of them.

Sam: I am sure Cas doesn’t want to kill us though. Pile up everything you can and light it up.

There was already a good pile forming in the middle of anything and everything flammable and Dean helped even though he made a face in disbelief towards Sam. He pulled out his lighter and after few tries he could light everything up and the smoke would hide them and linger down while Sam was blowing to the fire with his big lungs. The ants passed them because of the smoke but also Cas could see the tiny smoke as he was focused on the grass. He didn’t want his friends harmed.

The danger was passing them and Dean leaned down on his arms to take a breather. Their faces was covered in dirt lines and also their clothes. The adrenaline that was going down released a laugh from Dean because he was relieved. He stared up to the sky while Sam leaned to his knees and moved his hand trough his hair. Again they heard a buzzing sound that was coming closer.

The blur that Dean saw formed a dragonfly that was landing down to them. Sam rolled away but the bug snatched Dean to his legs when he tried the same. Sam grabbed a hold on its wing and jumped and climbed on its back. He held on while he could hear Dean screaming his lungs out and trying to hum Metallica. Sam tried to lean down to get a hold of him but no vain.

They flew around and around and Castiel was following the dragonfly with his eyes. He could actually hear Dean yelling from the distance when the fly went back and forth. Finally Sam could get a hold on Dean’s arm and held him in firm grip. The dragonfly landed on Castiel’s finger and he brought it close. He might imagine it but Dean might have shaken his fist and also done some… universal hand marks at him. He sent the fly away and it flew over a rock and stayed there.

Sam dropped Dean on it and then the dragonfly flew down beside the stone and Sam jumped down landing on his behind and back against the rock. Cas walked and brought his fingers gently on Dean’s chest with his right hand and on Sam’s head with his left. They immediately turned back to their normal size and Cas stepped back. Dean was scattered on his back on the rock grunting and Sam checked himself and sighed when everything seemed to be the right size.

Cas: So, I’ll make us some coffee while you clean my car. I think I made myself clear?
Dean: Why you little…

Dean spinned and dropped down pulling his sleeve upwards. Sam stood up and put a hand on his chest stopping him on his tracks. Cas smirked a bit and lifted his hand up pointing his fingers at them like he usually did when zapping or doing a spell.

Sam: Right you are Cas. We’re on it!
Dean: Huh?
Cas: Good, or I might have needed to be even more creative.

He lowered his hand and headed in leaving two very puzzled Winchesters to watch after him.

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