Smoke on the Water

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Smoke on the Water


Unknown Location

Faint echo of footsteps lingered forward when few shoe soles hit the stony floor. You could make out that there were few men on the group and few women. They were whispering when they entered the oak wood glass doors. By their clothes the year was early 1950’s.

Rowan: You took your time ladies and gents.

One of them clicked the lights on and the others regrouped near the pool. One of the gentleman was none other than Henry Winchester. He stood there confident and tall while thinking his family at home. They would be so proud of him.

Henry was standing on the doorway of John’s room and holding on his arm was a young woman in a beautiful knee long red dress with white top and belt. She had curly blond hair and a small red hat on her head with small white bow. On her hands she had elbow long gloves and a red handbag. On her feet she had white red heels. They had been out in a restaurant because Henry’s promotion.

Millie: I am so proud of you Henry.
She whispered to his ear and gave him a shy smile. Henry glanced at his sleeping son and then kissed Millie’s cheek tenderly.

Henry: I am proud of us. Look at how peacefully he sleeps. Not a care in the world.
Millie: You are still like that Henry Winchester. So he is just like his father.
Henry smiled and glanced on the ship on the shelf.

Rowan: Welcome, Henry, Josie, Dorothy. You all have been successful in your assignments so we decided to reward you from the great effort with gifts and another assignment.
The second man didn’t seem too pleased and he muttered to himself.

Matthew: While being too reckless…

The room had a huge swimming pool. The water glimmered and made images to the ceiling that had arches and side balconies that were held up with pillars. The turntable played a quiet tune near the bartender deck. The room also had arch windows with colorful glass. The images seemed to be from historical events. Far end of the room had an opening that lead to the showers, relaxing tables and steam boxes.

Matthew walked behind the counter to make some drinks for the brunch. Dorothy walked to lean on it and Josie made a small movement and pinched few times downwards from Henry’s sleeve. He looked back and nodded proudly at her and she did the same.

Rowan: Keep good care of these artifacts like your life would depend on it.
All three in unison: Yes, sir.

Henry, Dorothy and Josie had a shadow passing over their face. They knew what that meant. Millie insisted Henry to go to the party but little did she know why Henry was reluctant to do that. He mentioned about it accidentally and he knew that Men of Letters went to great lengths to keep the MOL a secret. Henry hated that he needed to keep his real work under the covers.

Rowan: Henry, for you I give this necklace that was found in the cargo of Golden Hind, the pirate ship that Sir Francis Drake piloted. It is called Maiden’s whisper.

He handed off a large jewelry box for him. Then he retrieved another box from the counter and he walked to give it to Dorothy.

Rowan: For you we give Eye of Osiris. Magnificent green jewel. Found in un-named tomb in Gaza.

Meanwhile Henry and Josie were chatting quietly.

Josie: That is very peculiar Henry. May I see it? You must be exited because of your studies about historical ships.

Henry gulped and glanced at Matthew. “The bartender” narrowed his eyes as he cleaned off the glasses to a towel. He made a faint nod that it was safe.

Henry: It is more a hobby of mine and my son’s.

Henry opened the box and Josie picked up the rather large jewelry necklace. She laid it on her neck and she glanced at Henry. The blue stone of the necklace glimmered from the light.

Josie: How does it look?
Henry: Like it is worth a million bucks.

Josie grinned and lifted the necklace away. For a moment she thought she saw something reflected on the stone. Meanwhile Rowan had fetched the last present and he was walking towards Josie.

Rowan: And last but not least the Pendulum. This has been passed on over generations after it rested on Archimedes table. The legend says he got it as a gift from the leader of Atlantis. All of these artifacts are dangerous if you don’t know how to keep them safe so…

Henry felt a gush of wind or something brush over his face. His skin crawled and he felt chills all the way to his bones.

Henry: Wait, something is happe —

What ever the wind was it looked like an invisible person/thing. And it floated and dashed towards Rowan’s legs. He lost his balance immediately from the hit and landed straight on his stomach. The blow made all the air to go out from his lungs. But that was not the worst thing. He slammed the pendulum straight on the floor and the impact broke the lock it had and let loose the pendulum. It slowly started to swing and the room started to shake every time the ball hit to one another.

The shakes made everyone loose balance and the entity hit to Josie’s arm and the necklace fell on the floor and the stone broke from the impact. The ceiling cracked and started to fall on them. Rowan was first hit on his head and back and then something grabbed him and ripped him apart. Henry got hit on his head and he fell down. Matthew broke the glass with his elbow and he pressed the evacuate button.

Matthew: Everyone get out! We need to seal the room. Out!

Nobody noticed but Jodie’s eyes flashed black and she heaved Henry on her shoulder. Abaddon took over and she picked up the necklace and tossed it to the pool. Dorothy had hurt her ankle so Matthew helped her out of the room. They dashed away and slammed the glass doors closed. Dorothy grabbed her salt bag from her belt and poured it in front of the doors. When that happened the pendulum slowed down and started to move backwards like someone was controlling it.

The ceiling pieces returned back up. The small palm trees, chairs, other furniture returned to normal and the music started playing again. The blood and body pieces vanished and the surface of the water in the pool returned to be calm while the necklase slowly descended on the bottom. Everything was eerily peaceful in the room.


Kansas, Men of Letters Bunker

Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water– was playing in the bunker. Sam and Dean were sitting beside the table. Sam was researching something from the internet and Dean was watching Netflix on the computer.

Sam: You know… I have been thinking a lot about our grand father and dad after we found that ship scale model with their name on it.
Dean: Mmhm?
Sam: Well… You know. I didn’t know dad was into that sort of stuff.
Dean: He was full of surprises Sammy. What is your point?
Sam: Nothing… Just got me thinking…

He picked up the bottle with the ship and stared at it quietly. Dean grinned and then stood up grabbing it from Sam’s hands. He was trying to lighten the mood.

Dean: Huh, I don’t see anything special about it.
Sam: Give it back Dean!
Sam tried to snatch it but Dean pulled it away. He tried again but no avail.
Sam: What are you, five?

Dean grinned and backed towards the corridor. He was dodging Sam’s attacks the best he could.

Dean: I can still beat your ass no matter how old I am.
Sam: This is not funny. Now give it.

The boys wrestled to the corridor and it was all fun and games before they both landed against a statue pillar with Archimedes head and the impact made the head pop backwards. Dean took a hold of it for balance and he pressed the button that had been revealed because of that. Both heard a click and a secret door opened from the wall beside them. Both froze where they stood having big eyes. Their heads turned slowly to stare at the door.

Dean: What the…

Of course they were careful and they didn’t go head-on to investigate what was behind the door. Sam tried to find information what was behind it but nothing was found. The blueprints had cleared open space just on the spot but it felt like that place had been erased fully from the archives.

Dean: I guess we need to go check it out…
Sam: I have a bad feeling about this. They must have had a reason to seal it?
Dean: It is open now so the damage is done.

They piled up their gear, guns, salt, holy water and they walked to the opening. When they were ready to head in it made Dean make a Batman reference which deserved an epic bitch face from Sam.

Dean: To the Batpoles Sammy!
Sam: Really? That reference?
Dean: It’s a classic. What do you want from me?
Sam: “sigh” I guess we are going deeper underground then.
Dean: After you.

The hallway was covered with cobwebs when they descended down the stairs. When they got to the bottom the way was sealed with bricks. Dean went to get a proper tool and they removed the bricks from the way. They didn’t see it but the wall was covered with protective runes. Dean flicked the lights on and then they saw a pair of glass doors in front of them. Sam knelt to touch the salt and picked it up from the floor.

Sam: Salt…
Dean: Well, that can’t be good.
Sam: You think?
Dean: Can you see inside?
Sam: No, it is totally dark. Here goes nothing.

He opened the door slowly and carefully searched the left wall for light switch. He found it and flicked it on. They saw the same pool room with MOL design and the glass windows. The room was like the gym room in the bunker The room looked like time had stood still all these years. There was lights behind the glass windows to make it seem like that there was outdoors behind them. Dean had the face like he was little boy again.

Dean: Dude, we have a freaking pool in the bunker!
Sam: Yeah… Seems so.

He was suspicious. Everything seemed to be alright but why had they sealed this place then? His EMF Detector didn’t show anything under the ordinary but still he was cautious. Dean headed forward to check the place. They didn’t see that the necklace was still resting at the bottom of the pool while their voices turned into a mumble under the water. It was like someone was watching them from down there.